Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Yes, I've been tagged, by my sweet Great Niece, Jodie Adams (http://jodieslifeinokinawa.blogspot.com/ who is living in Okinawa with her hubby Nick, who has made his career with the Air Force. It's sort of a family thing, that Military Career thing. They are expecting their second daughter (Maddy is actually Nick's daughter from a former marriage, but you wouldn't know that Jodie is the evil stepmother, because I refuse to use the word Step...and she is far from Evil...she's Maddy's other Mother). This is Jodie's second natural born child. Their first sweet pea is growing in God's Garden. His name is Conner and he wasn't here very long, but we love his sweet self and he will forever live in our hearts. We picture him in our minds growing and learning, because we know that just because he isn't here with us in body, his Spirit is Ever with us. So now we await the darling Kara who is due to arrive on May 4th. I can't wait for the jokes to start...Kara was born in Japan? Funny she doesn't look Japanese...Okay, so on to the Four Tag...

We all know how this goes, cut and paste and put your answers in place, right? But be sure to go visit Jodie and see what her answers were...I'll put the four I want to tag at the end of this...

4 Jobs I have had in my life:
1. Office Receptionist
2. Dog walker...loved that one
3. Cafeteria worker in Marine Chow Hall...hey, not glamorous, but I was the first woman Teamster in my family...and the last as far as I know and wow, the pay was good.
4. Retired from Law Enforcement, Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office...fifteen years.

Movies I have/would watch over and over again.
1. Ghost
2. Gone with the Wind
3. The original version with Robert Blake of "In Cold Blood"...makes the horrendous crime that occurred show you why I believe in Capital Punishment much better than I could explain it.
4. It's a Wonderful Life...I can watch it anytime of the year.

. Places I have lived:
1. Georgia...
2. Tampa Florida
3. Colts Neck New Jersey
4. Beaconsfield in the county of Buckinghamshire, England

People I want to bitch slap right into the middle of next week:-
1. The grocery store employee who was so busy harassing the clerk while she was trying to check me out (oh wait, I did bitch slap him, but into next month, not next week!)
2. Any newscaster who stands with the family of a victim of a heinous crime and asks "what do you think happened here and what do you want to see happen to the accused?" What do they think the family wants to see happen? Can we bring back drawing and quartering? Hot tar and feathering...or maybe just a good old whipping with a bullwhip.
3. Okay, so it's newscaster time again...If I hear one more of these people say "can you give us a sense of how it felt when that tornado bore down and took away your house (your town, your church) all the time waiting to hear the old cliche about the locomotive of a train. Will someone give them some SENSE? Can I get an Amen???
4. Wow, this is fun...Paris Hilton. No explanation needed...

.People that email me regularly:

1. Evil Sister
2. Good Sister
3. Actual Sister, Toni
4. Lee

TV shows I watch: Fictional.
1. Bones
2. Medium
3. Amsterdam
4. Law and Order (Criminal Intent)

TV shows I watch Nonfictional

1. The Naked Archaeologist (History Channel
2. 48 Hours (CBS)
3. The First 48 (A&E)
4. HGTV any time I get a chance!

Places I have visited:
1. Miami Florida
2. London, England
3. Atlanta, Georgia
4. Calais, France

Favorite Foods:

1. Eggplant Parmigiana
2. Collard greens and fried cornbread with hot pepper sauce
3. Ribs with cole slaw
4. Anything Evil Sister prepares...she's the best cook I know still living...no one could beat Mama's cooking...no one...Paula Deen would be in envy of her skill.

Where I want to be right now:
1. Pretty comfortable at home, this will be hard...but let's see...Barnes and Noble
2. England...
3. Okinawa to see Jodie and be there when Kara arrives
4. Traveling with Arianna anywhere she wants to go

Things I'm looking forward to this year:
1. Spring break with Arianna visiting us
2. The first tomato off the vine (eating it in the garden, salt shaker in hand...juice dripping down my hands ...opps, 'scuse me while I wipe the drool off the keyboard)
3. The first Watermelon out of the garden, busted open at the edge of the garden, scooping the red meat out and cramming it in my mouth as fast as I can, same salt shaker, same drooling scene...gee, you're gonna think I'm a slob...but that's how we did it when we were kids, right Toni?
4. Christmas...always Christmas

Okay, so there you have it. Thank you Jodie...that was fun. Now, who to tag...four that I haven't tagged before...
1. Carol at http://katherinesdream.blogspot.com/
2. Vee at http://ahavenforvee.blogspot.com/
3. Lee at http://chrysalisdreams.blogspot.com/
4. Sarah at http://everythingstopsfortea.blogspot.com/

And there you have it...I enjoyed it. Hope you will, too.


Vee said...

Sandi, whom are you trying to kid? You have, too, tagged me before! Several times!!!! :D

That's okay, this one looks interesting and it is also specific. I like specificity. It nails me down. I'm having trouble being focused lately.

Loved reading yours!

P.S. Hey! What was up with that "fishing for compliments" comment? LOL! I wasn't. Really, I wasn't. It's truly foggy here today. Honest! I mean it!

Anonymous said...

Fried Corn bread? sounds interesting... Aunt Sandie, what's that?

Jeni said...

With the exceptions of jobs you've held to jobs I've had and places we've both lived/visited, much of the rest of your responses could very easily have been mine!

Jan said...

Love love love reading these things! It's always fun to learn more about blogging friends! Thanks for sharing!


Susie Q said...

I always love a good list!! You always do the best lists and are such an interesting blog friend. I think you are pretty gosh durned wonderful you know.


Jeanne said...

Very interesting factoids about you. I enjoy some of the same shows and you've lived some very interesting places! Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha.

I certainly would NOT want to get a bitch slappin' from you, but I sure could dole some good slaps out to some very deserving folks in this crazy world.

Anonymous said...

Cool to hear all these things about you. I have rally enjoyed watching Jodi grow and can't wait to see the little one arrive either.

Justabeachkat said...

Great job! I loved reading this.

Hope you're feeling good.

Hugs sweet friend!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Abbie, you've never had fried cornbread? First you have to start with the spider (a flat cast iron frying pan...) then you must have pure cornmeal...no flour...stone ground is best...a about 1/2 cup of meal, 1/2 tsp salt stirred into meal...place in spider 1/2 tablespoon of bacon fat...not oil...not crisco...bacon fat...turn on the burner to medium high and let the spider (or teflon frying pan if you must) heat till water drops dance (or sizzle) when you drop it on the spider. While the spider is heating, add water to the meal till it is soupy, not thick, but soupy. After the spider is ready, all you have to do is pour the meal mix into the spider slowly, if the meal doesn't cover the entire bottom, quickly swirl it around to cover. Let it fry about two minutes, then with a plate turned upside down over the spider, flip spider and plate over and slide the cornbread off the plate back into the spider and fry another minute, turn off burner...this is best eaten with collards, rutabega or cabbage...or by itself. Butter it to eat alone...or, if you don't think you can do the spider and plate flip (many have tried, many have failed...I warn you, I've been flipping fried cornbread since I was about 10 years old...I'm a pro, lol...) you can use a griddle and make pancake type, small individual ones...it'll be fine.
Try it...you'll like it
Aunt Sandi

david mcmahon said...

The grocery store employee? I'll walk round and have a word or two .....

Jodie Adams said...

So the opening of your post had my crying, but these days that's the norm for me. I loved your responses. The fried cornbread is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. My mom makes it with cornmeal and one with flour too. They are both awesome. I have been dying to get one of those flat cast irons. They are hard to find. Have you ever eaten it with a big pot of lima beans, YUMMY! Man, I gotta get a snack now. I wish you could be here too for Kara's arrival. It won't be too long now. Can't wait to see her quilt. Thank you again for that. Tell uncle Wally the same. Take care of yourself and eat some of those fresh garden fruits and veggies for me. Love ya bunches!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Very interesting and fun....Smiles

Sam Fox said...

Hi Sandi! Loved reading all these wee snippets! And Oooooooh Yeaaaaah, to Paris Hilton!

Mary said...

I'm drooling tomotoes as well!!!

PAT said...

Your list was enjoyable, Sandi!

Yes, I've had fried cornbread. Granny made this quite often. I should make it for J, because I don't think he's convinced. Can't believe I haven't made it in all these years we've been together.

I can't even think about "real" tomatoes and watermelon right now...sigh...only a few months till we have them...yum!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I can barely focus after all that talk of fresh tomatoes and watermelons, but I wanted to let you know I posted my Idol picks. I'm waiting on yours....

San said...

Sandi, you've got me salivating for collard greens and cornbread. Just plain baked cornbread. Mine doesn't have to be fried. But fry my okra, honey, fry my okra.

Vee said...

Just to say that my tag is completed. Oh my! I've never enjoyed corn meal fried in bacon fat. Why is it that now I feel as if that would be a splendid breakfast if only I had some cornmeal and bacon fat?

Have a great day, Sandi!

Merisi said...

Your tomato and watermelon story reminds me of a short story I once read in the New Yorker Magazine. The subject of unconventional lusty eating was a very ripe mango, consumed while leaning over the sink, wearing underwear. ;-)

Your recent comment about stopping by "to take a Merisi Moment" made my day. A big hug for that! :-)

Mima said...

Sandi, thanks for sharing, very interesting to see what your choices were. I can so understand wanting to be there for the birth, and it is any moment now, I'm sure that they will let you know as soon as possible - then you will have to let us know too having got us onto tenderhooks!!! Have a wonderful day.

Kathy said...

Hi Sandi, this is my first visit and I must say, I love your sense of humor! The four tags is funny and what a great way to get started in knowing someone. I'll surely be back for another visit! ~Kathy
P.S. Oh, to have lived in England..

Unknown said...

Good tag Sandi! Since I'm a HGTV addict also I'll come over to your place and we can watch it together. LOL Can't wait for the first watermelon of the season also.

Anonymous said...



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