Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthdays and Anniversaries, they're the thing!

So, birthdays and anniversaries seem to be the norm for us this fall.  I haven't written about Evil Sister or Good Sister in a long time.  Not that Evil Sister isn't any less sassy or Good Sister any less, well,'s just that ES hasn't put any forks through deserving husbands hands lately and GS hasn't had any particularly spooky morgue encounters.  They are always worthy of my attention and my computer skills and today both of them are on my mind.  Well, lets see where we start.  Evil Sister, I wish you and Poor Brother a very happy and blessed 42 Anniversary!  It seems like either yesterday or a century ago, doesn't it?  How did we manage to stay married to the same and only men all these years?  (Mac and I celebrate our 42 on the 15th of this month).  I believe it may be the upbringing of stern Grandmothers (how often did we hear "you made your bed, now lie in it?) who counseled that marriage was sacred and not to be taken lightly.  Well, you didn't take it lightly and the two of you had your share of ups and downs but far more ups , which may be the answer to life.  I hope that the two of you spend the day doing exactly what you want to do, be it celebrating or nothing at all.  Congratulations to two very dear and beloved friends. 

Good Sister was being born about the time we were getting married, and she celebrates her birthday today.  GS has had such a turn around in her life these days.  Finally in a romance that might just make the grade on the turn around , she has stars in her eyes for the first time in a long time.   Even though it is a long distance romance, they see each other as often as their jobs allow and travel permits.  Today she will be spending her birthday with us.  Well, after work and appointments.  I'll be baking her a cake (or brownies...) making a barbecue dinner that she will love and she can relax for a bit since she won't be on call as Coroner this weekend.  So, I raise a glass to two of the most important women in my life...Cheers!!!