Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Knocking on Heaven's Door

It has been weeks since I have been here . I have a good excuse though. I was so near death's door that the knocker on it bore my face, grimaces and all. It started out with a little case of fire ant bites. It progressed to Cellulitis for which I was unsuccessfully treated, and then the gas gangrene arrived. I had only heard of gas gangrene in old war movies, so it seemed so far removed from my reality that when the surgeon broke the news, I didn't understand what he meant. When he started talking amputation I think I may have just shut down for a bit. In fact they had to point out the red streaks running up my right leg to bring home the seriousness of my situation. The first operation to clear out the gangrene followed with the second operation the following day to remove the first nearly five inches off my right foot. I went through that with good results, then visited the wound clinic and Dr Bannister to discuss the Bariatric Chamber. The pure oxygen that is fed through the long clear Outer Space looking chamber aids in healing, especially for those who are diabetic. I started the treatment on a Monday. The very next Friday I was back in the hospital, breathing being a difficulty now. I had gone home with way to much of a fluid buildup. I was having trouble getting rid of it and my normally 155 pound body was now at 197. It took several weeks and two more admissions to finally get the medication right. Double Pneumonia nearly carried me off, it seemed I couldn't catch a break. I had so many people praying for me that I was able to keep up my spirits and depression was never a problem. Even when they had to drain the fluid from around my lungs, I was still smiling. So now I am waiting for skin grafting, then it is back into the Bariatric Chamber. I was cleared for that by my cardiologist yesterday. So I am back. I always wanted to wear a size 4 shoe, but this is not exacty how I envisioned it...given that my balance is not what it once was I have decided that size 4 is not what it is cracked up to be. But I can live with it. I know I have been away for awhile and I have missed you all...I hope you have missed me, too.