Saturday, September 10, 2011

Going Home Hungry

Wednesday afternoon Mac and I went to see Daddy and take him some Bojangles chicken for a late lunch.  I rang the bell several times, but got  no answer.  Mac looked in the car port off the garage and told me the car was there.  I got my key out and after a perfunctory knock, I unlocked the dead bolt and entered.  I guess we were about to interrupt his afternoon nap, because there he was, sound asleep!  I turned the tv down and he woke up instantly.  He was surprised to see me standing there and asked if Mac were with me.  I told him that Mac was busy eating figs off the tree, but would be in soon.   Daddy was looking at me intently and then announced that I should eat some of the chicken or go make a sandwich that I was too skinny.  I laughed at that and told him I intended to lose another ten pounds.  That got a reaction!  I yelled for Mac to come in, that Daddy was fussing at me.  We had a nice visit and left him happy and content. 

Yesterday (Friday) Mac and I took a trip to Hartsville for some shopping and ended up at Applebees for dinner.  Now,  we usually eat at the Smokehouse on Friday night but since we weren't going to make it there in time, I decided to have babyback ribs.  Mac got crunchy fried shrimp.  Mac quite enjoyed his shrimp, but the ribs were inedible.  They had been cooked an hour past a fare thee well and had a sauce much to  sweet for human consumption not to  be dessert.  They had such a crowd that trying to get our server's attention was next to impossible. I promise you, we never have that problem at the Smokehouse!  Finally the server mosied over and I told her that the dinner was not what I expected.  She promised to get the manager and left.  Mac had now finished his meal and mine still rested nearly untouched in front of me.  The manager finally came over and took my complaint.  She offered to bring me another serving but I said thanks but no thanks, more of the same usually didn't work well for me.  She offered any other meal.  I told her that since Mac was now finished I would feel foolish eating while he sat and watched.  I had just spent a half hour shoving dried meat morsols around my plate, while he ate.  She offered dessert.  I asked if she had anything sugar free.  Well, of course not.  I told her to just take my meal off the ticket.  She was very nice and kept apologizing for the poor quality of the ribs and assured me she'd just finished (you'll pardon the expression) raking her cooks over the coals.  But the worst of it, even worse than going home hungry from Applebees is this, Daddy will not be happy about his perceived skinny baby not eating.  Maybe he still has some of that chicken left.