Thursday, November 8, 2007

Where has Country Music Gone?

We settled back with snacks and drinks to watch the CMA awards last night and it was the most uncomfortable night I have spent in a long time. I kept waiting to see the country music stars and all I saw were babies up on the stage. Now while I like Carrie Underwood, she's no Reba (McEntire) and her hit video "before he cheats" makes me laugh out loud, but she doesn't have the dulcet tones of Tammy, either. Kelly got up and sang her song about how her mama abandoned her (like she's the only child that has ever been abandoned) and to me, the end was pure acting. I know she can act, I've seen her do it. When she was on Give me the Mike (Charlotte) she didn't appear to be the ditzy blond that she portrayed on Idol. She doesn't have me fooled, she is not the empty headed ditz she makes herself out to be. Granted she can sing, but where was Patty Loveless and Faith Hill? I know, I know, they weren't nominated. Well, why weren't they? Where was Alan Jackson? The audience pan revealed none of my favorite singers. Where was Loretta and George? Where was Tim McGraw and Alabama? Why do they call Sugarland a duo when only one person sings and the other stands back and strums the guitar? I never saw him open his mouth or crowd in at the mike. And when will Kix Brooks start contributing his voice a bit more to Ronnie Dunn's vocals? What happened to Boot Scootin' Boogey? Is CMA ashamed of Minnie Pearl and Stringbean, Grandpa Jones and Roy Acuff? The closest thing we have to all that is Allison Kraus, and she doesn't sound anything like she did ten years ago when their was some blue in their grass. Why didn't Vince Gill sing, since he wasn't hosting this year? Porter Wagoner, who died last week barely got a mention and Hank Thompson, (The Wild Side of Life) who passed on Tuesday and last performed on October the 8th at age 81, got no mention at all. Both are members of the Grand Ole Opry Hall of Fame. Such a pity And to compare Jason Aldean to Johnny Cash is like comparing rocks to diamonds or sows ears to silk purses. Where has all the Country music gone? Gone to pop stars, everyone.


kari and kijsa said... are hilarious....we had to come for a visit because we were laughing so hard at your..."you are the cats" comment....LOVE IT! We agree with you on the County Music...although we love Carrie...

Have a blessed day...
kari and kijsa

Pam said...

Whiel I don't follow country music that closely, I do agree that it seems like the country stars have gotten much younger recently and popish.

Yeah, were are Faith and Tim?!

Carol said...

Hi Sandi, I agree totally with you. LOL
I am not a big fan of pop, infact it drives me mad I have to turn it off and watch it, poo poo no way, it's all about sex appeal not talent.......I am slowly turning into my Mum!

I wne to a concert on Monday at the O2 dome in Greenwich, brilliant, real people who can write and sing songs and play instruments properly.

Do you remember George Melly, he was on tv last might, I watched small bits of it as I was trying to watch something on the other channel at the same time.
It was so sad to watch him 'try' and performe on stage, at a famous club for the last time. He has almost disapeared, a very small frail man who cannot sing anymore. Why do they do this to people?
I really did not enjoy it all. Half the audiance had tears in their eyes and just looking at their faces you could clearly see.....well shock really.
He was such a big personality and strong voice. I would have rather remembered him for what he was.
Hugs XX

Anonymous said...

I agree with you!!! But Reba did sing and so did Martina and they are my favorites!

But, Sugarland beating out Brooks and Dunn?? They were or she was horrible and we laughed as she sang because we couldn't stand to watch HOW she sang. And the song went on and on!! B&D win in my book!

And where was Dolly?? I love her!

Sandi McBride said...

Paula, I tried to skip over to your blog, but you have not enabled your blogspot...our loss...Yes, I know they sang, but not enough. They could have used the time that kidrock, that imbecile, took up and let Reba sing a line out of the would have been more entertaining, and I agree, just where in the world was Dolly?

Terri Steffes said...

I was a Garth Brooks concert so I can't tell you! Maybe that explains why he was ok with having the concert on the night of the CMA awards!

Justabeachkat said...

I agree...something (or somebodies more like it) were missing! It's just the same anymore. Sigh!


Tammy said...

I used to love Country Music...especially when I lived in Texas!
Now I just sigh...and wish for a change.
George Straight! Love HIM!
I love Bluegrass but not Allisons style...I don't know, just something about her turns me off.
And the award shows always tick me off as it always seems that Brooks and Dunn have had one too many shots, and all the jokes are lame and cheesy!

I stopped the remote once on the station that was airing it and saw what I term as a "kid" on there...I mean...her legs were matchsticks and her hair and make up was flawless...gimme a break!

Gal, I guess I need to get off my soapbox and move on so I'll wish you a great day!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I've always been a rock and roll girl, never country, but I find I really like Hank Sr. and his era of country. Back when country was really country. What's funny is that I couldn't stand them back then. It angers me when a country singer takes an already icky pop song and puts their spin on it. Bleah.

Wanda - who loves everything from bluegrass to heavy metal, but can't tolerate the new country.

Jodie Adams said...

Well either it comes on tonight here or I missed it. I am shocked about no Faith or Tim, they are my favorites. I've got to watch it now if it comes on.

Jodie Adams said...

Oh I forgot to ask you, do you watch the show Reba? I do everyday it is so funny. I love that Reba. Oh and I saw where you asked Sissy how to send Conner a letter. If you mail one to my mom's house written in Conner's name she will take it when she goes to the graveyard. Her address is:
21 West Shellcracker Rd.
Freeport, Fl 32439

Anonymous said...

Sandi I hear you. I forgot they were on and didn't see them. I did read about it this morning. I love music,but I cut my teeth on Tammy,George,Johnny,Dolly( I liked the old one lol,but this barbie???.We watched hehaw as a family. I went into labor at a Bluegrass festival.I knew Allison when she was a girl. The Cox Family is from the town we are from. She sang with them. Sidney still writes her songs and Susan sings with her. I guess It is hard to believe I was married to Trace Adkins couson and never did like him. He sang in a gospel group when young. Tracey Lawrance was in a group with my brother-in-law before he hit the road and left the band behind.
I do agree country is gone.I guess it all comes with the times change to fit this generation,but not old timers like me.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Brenda, now I do love Trace Adkins...I have a cd that has nothing but Wayfaring Stranger on it and I go to sleep by it (turned down low). But I love the old crowd, too...Barbara Mandrell was a favorite, as were Mel Tillis and Jerry Reed...I noticed that only Ralph Emery had his Hall of Fame medallion on last night...also missed Ricky Skaggs on the show...think there was a bit of a boycott last night?

Adla said...

Sandi dear,

I love listening to Faith hill and Tim mcgraw. I'm not a country girl but love their music. Martina Mcbride is another one I like.Reba and Shania aren't too bad either.I guess the newbies are assimilating pop with country. New age disaster!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Sandi!! Just wanted to say I haven't read that Koontz book yet, but now it'll be on my list!! I much prefer Koontz to King!! Enjoy your weekend!!xx

Tammy said...

Just stopping by to let you know you've been tagged and awarded at my place!

Have a great day!

LivingTheLife said...

Well...I must say I agree with what you are saying...Country is NOT the same country I grew up listening to...and you know every year I am excited to watch the CMA'S...until it starts...b/c the last few years...they just haven't had that good of a show! I think they are all too busy trying to "cross over" either into another musical genre or acting...or whatever! Which is ok...but it leaves the show a little short of true country by nights end!

I did enjoy Reba...and Martina...and of course...I swooned over George...even though the music was so loud it drowned most of the singers voices out! However, with George I tend to get lost looking at him that's alright...I guess. I also LOVE Brad Paisley...he seems to be so geniuine...he always shows the upmost respect to the old timers and to the others. He makes a few silly songs/videos a year...but they are just so funny and I think it's b/c he does not take his celebrity that seriously. He can play the quitar, nobodies business!

As for some of the new folks...hopefully they will fizzle out soon...I mean...what's with the 2 guys in the group "Big & Rich"...not sure I like my country singers having a band called that...seems...oh! I don't know kind of "in your face"...don't know why it strikes me that way...maybe it could be by the way the act on stage...I mean REALLY do we need "go-go" dancers at a CW awards show? Really? They look like a "pimp" and his "pimp daddy"...I mean it...they just really make my stomach churn...and Montgomery Gentry...sorry...I don't like them either...they may sing alright...I wouldn't know...b/c I usually turn them off when they come on the radio/tv...don't know why...but they have always given me the himmie jimmies...the one guy looks like he's a wanna-be clothes model...while the other one looks like he's wearing a helicopter landing pad on his head...with a mouth full of chiclets...just sayin...but it is their antics outside the stage that really disgust me...later on that!

Well...I've gone on way too long...but I do take my country seriously...and I will be so happy when Country Music takes it seriously again!

By the way...thanks for all the kind words you posted on my site about my lovely little angel...she is the best...thanks again.