Monday, November 26, 2007

Something about Christmas

The Christmas Season is now upon us, it comes all in a rush when the Thanksgiving turkey is nothing but a carcass to be put out with the trash. As we are scraping dishes and cleaning the kitchen our minds are already filling with the list of things that have to be done to insure a convivial Yuletide. There are trees to be trimmed, lights to be strung, attics to be raided, and Christmas villages to be laid out on the fireplace mantel or deep bookshelf, high out of reach of toddlers. And not once do we really ever think about it as being work. It isn't work, it is the pleasure of childhood that comes roaring back to life and makes us kids again. It's the thought of sitting on the sofa with knees drawn up to your chin and just gazing at the sparkling splendor that is your Christmas tree, being held aloft by the pile of presents that lay beneath all gaily wrapped and awaiting the pirate hoard who will rip into them, opening the treasure with abandon and noise. It's the anticipation of the family gathering together, all the hurts and worries of the year now behind us, a distant memory not to be recalled here and in this place. And it is the memories of Christmas's past, when other loved ones gathered around a distant tree all aglow with lights and gay ribbons of red and green, Santa's bounty awaiting eager grins. And it all started with the birth of a Child. Hush. Do you hear it? It sounds like Angel wings gliding gently down to the earth. How often do we forget that what we are preparing is the ultimate Birthday Party. All the gentleness and forgiveness, all the charity and love that is filling our hearts and souls now, was taught to us and passed down from parents to children for generations untold. And so I say, Merry Christmas...and anticipate a Birthday. Let the party begin.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Why does your Christmas decorating sound so much more fun than mine? lol
Lovely post, beautifully written.
Merry Christmas!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Amen. I wonder what Jesus thinks of some of out birthday parties for him? And would we invite him to his own party?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sandi! We are with Kari, lovely post, beautifully written. A joy to read over breskfast to start our day. Hugs to you xoxo J & J

Mary said...

There is something so special about Christmas isn't there. I'm so looking forward to it this year and love reading about everyones preparations and spending so long doing that I'm in danger of getting nothing done myself!!

Mary said...

Hi Tis me again I am a cranberry and popcorn Christmas tree and crappy present SOCKS!!!

Carol said...

That was beautifully written Sandi.
I am in the mood now.
Getting all ready indoors here.
I love Christmas Eve..anticipation.
Then Christmas day...bit hectic.
Ah, Boxing day....relax and enjoy all the leftovers and sweets and nuts.....feet up and chill.

Unknown said...

Great post Sandi! It is why we celebrate, isn't it? Loved this. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

You should be a writter. I have never seen someone that grabs a heart like you.
Such truth in your writting.

Susie Q said...

Ah, now this post just shows why I love ya! Beautifully written always. You are something special!

Just wanted you to know I have had something sent to you for Christmas. Just a little thing but something *I* love and hope you will too. Wanted you to look out for it in the mail!

Love and hugs,

Unknown said...

Beautifully written as usual!!!

Have a wonderful day.
Sandy ;)

kari and kijsa said...

You have phrased it all just perfectly! Beautiful and true thoughts and comments! We must remember the reason for the season!

kari & kijsa

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

That sounds like a book Sandi-beautiful post!! I'm getting very excited now!!!

Tammy said...

Wonderful post my friend!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Sandi,

You are always so good about leaving a comment on my blog. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy hearing from you. I know a lot of people say this, but you are one person who really "gets me." I love visiting your blog too.

Big hugs,