Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kat-in-a-Flap...we're pullin' for you honey

You all know our wonderful Kat (of who has been ill just recently. I keep going in to her blog to see if our darling girl has been posting, and yesterday I decided to send her an e-mail and check on her. I received an answer from her this morning. I was so glad to hear and wanted to share it with you , my friends.

"Hi Sandi,I was so sad to read about your nephew,Karen must be heartbroken,he was a beautiful young man,his goodness shone from his face.You know I think Angels walk the earth and sometimes God calls them back.I am getting better each day and feeling stronger.I am going to get better,no doubt about that,it will justtake time.I feel very sick and tired but ok otherwise.I love Autumn and am now lokking forward to Christmas,Hugs to you Honey,Kat xxxxxxxx"

Still thinking of others, that's what our community is about. Hugs to you our dear Kat, and when I say we're pulling for you, you know we mean it.

Group hugs and kisses


I'm thankful for out community...together we can do so much good...


Nunnie's Attic said...

Thank you for popping over and visiting me this morning. I'm so glad that you like the rooster. I love them and just had to share with everyone.

Sorry to hear that your friend is sick. You are sweet to check in on her.


Pam said...

The Internet IS amazing isn't it?
I hope your friend gets well soon. Sending good thoughts her way.

Mockingbird Hill said...

You know, girlfriend, the rule at Disney is "when you wish upon a star your dreams come true". Since I will be all up in that the next couple of days, I will do some strong wishin' for your friend! Wish you could meet us there, but we'll have lots of good times for you!

Love ya....Cassie

Mary said...

Hi Sandi
I've done as was told and got to it! Thanks for the news from Kat. I've been wondering about her.

Anonymous said...

Sandi,I love the Rooster! I tell you what we can go in half and you keep him half a year and i'll keep him the other? Deal? I didn't think that would work,but gosh Julie just had to pull him out. Have a great day.

Abbie said...

Aww, that was very sweet of you to check up on her. I hope she gets better soon.