Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't call me Your Highness...Sandi will do

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Empress Sandi the Reticent of Heffton St Mallet
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I don't think I'm all that peculiar. I think that like all little girls, I was born to want to have a title. Did my family treat me like royalty, thus placing me in a position to demand respect or an obligatory curtsy? Absolutely not. My family treated me like the middle child. I was whining "Marcia Marcia Marcia" long before Jan Brady had received the "go away kid, you're bothering me" treatment. Although, to be literal I suppose I would have been whining "Holly Holly Holly". It just seems that parents get so excited when they are preparing the "nest" for the arrival of the first born. There is that shiver of anticipation, who will it look like, who will it be like, who will it like best? And so it's precious little bed is prepared with silks and handmade blankies and feathered with sweet little teddy bears and long earred bunnies. The days pass in a blur of showers and compliments on the glowing on the expectant Mama. The drop in guests are more frequent now, whispering to each other "my heavens, she's as big as the side of a house...when do you suppose the baby will get here?" Like the baby has been anywhere other than right in the room all along. And then WHAM, here it is. The young prince or princess is finally out and about in the world, family and friends oohing an aahing and cuddling and talking baby talk (which is actually a good thing, I hear) and just creating a royal pain in the arse for the future children. Because, you know there's going to be more. And how lucky that Bundle of Joy part deux is a girl, we have all these girl clothes and Princess 1 hides the prettiest of the dresses because they are "mine mine mine". Things go along smoothly with the second little Princess because they know what they are doing now. Any newness (or admit it, mistakes) have already made their appearance or reared their ugly heads. So there is less of what we'll call frantic enthusiasm for baby 2. It's a sort of "been there done that" ease of parenting. Then several years later comes along baby 3 and it's been awhile and the other two are big girls now, and this is a baby. And so begins the middle child syndrome. Uh huh, you guessed it. I'm a middle child. And so finally I get a title and although it may seem a bit peculiar to you, hey, it's better than nothing and curtsying is optional.


Carol said...

Hi Sandi thank you for your lovely comments.
A few kind words are very powerful!
Know exactly about middle child syndrome...both my brother and my son are in the middle of two girls.
So both are Mummies little soldiers and both feel left out! strange that.
I agree with everything you have said...loling.....
Bigs hugs,
Carol xxx and big lick from Guy X

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Poor Sandi. MCS (Middle Child Syndrome) is the pits. My husband is in the middle of seven. I enjoyed that read.

Your constant nag....uh, I mean... through your urging, I figured I should drop in and let you know I am still alive and well. I'm just in a tizz all the time and haven't been at the computer much. Very unusual for me. Things should get back to normal, whatever that is, before too long. I'll try to get a post in this weekend. Thank you for keeping a check on me. I appreciate that. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

Jeanne said...

So should I be addressing you as your Royal Highness now? hehe Always interesting to hear about having siblings as I'm an only child and have an only child.

Sandi McBride said...

No no, just call me's title enough!

NeereAnDear said...

Oh Sandi did you ever hit the nail on the head... middle child here... felt like you were telling my life story.... and studies have shown it is for real...

Your crown my dear is befitting ... time someone placed you on a pedastal..

Thanks so much for the well wishes for Diane... she is a dear person



mielikki said...

I am the youngest, and, since I really wasn't that far behind my 2 sisters, it was more like "oh. There's another one. And it's a girl, too. At least we have the clothes already". Plus I was the "surprise!" pregnancy. Great.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Dear Sandi, Thank you so much for all the love and concern. You will never know how much it means to know someone cares....Mary

Unknown said...

Extending you a cursy from myself THE
Venerable Lady Tammy the Unique of Witchampton Under Buzzard

I feel just like someone from a Jane Austin!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Sandi you are so funny. Just love coming to your blog. I was a fanatic with my first child...everything by the book, etc. The second one...well I just winged it from experience and what felt right. Guess which child is the laid back one and which one thinks like an engineer? xo Lynn

Angela said...

My husband is middle child of five and I think he agrees with you on alot of your description :-). I'm sorta a middle child. My older half sisters where already on their own pretty much when I came into the picture:-). But now I'm the oldest in the 3 my Mom had. There is only 2 of us left though.

Anyhoo, Have a wonderful warm & cozy weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi, well HRH!! We enjoyed your post although we have no knowledge on the subject, I (Jenn)am the baby of the family, that would be a different syndrome for the siblings I guess! Jenn and Jacqui xo

Love Bears All Things said...

I am the middle girl and I was so not in love with baby number 3. Even now, I remember how I resented her intrusion.
Mama Bear

Mockingbird Hill said...

Excuse me just a minute...oh, I've curtsyed and I can't get up!! (Is that a word?)

I'm the older of 2 and my daughter is just by herself, so we will never know that Middle Child Syndrome. Seems like you've turned out pretty good...I'll take you just as you are!


Mary said...

a very British curtesy from me!

Lib said...

Hi Sandi,
I don't know about the middle child ,I am the Youngest.
Have a great weekend

Vee said...

Every kid has it rough. It's no picnic being first I can tell you that. I'm sure that the babies have complaints, too. LOL!

I think your title is very special and I'm curtseying just so you'll know.

Justabeachkat said...

I always knew you were royalty! Great post!