Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weather Map

My friend watches the Weather Channel with an alarming regularity. The last five times that I was over at her house, that is the channel that was playing. Not ABC, or CBS, not even NBC or CNN (Chronic News Network as my mother called it). No one was surfing through the channels to see if there was anything more entertaining on, in fact for the most part the only thing I saw was the huge weather map on the screen and some subtle background music. Elevator music on droll. We could sit and chat about anything and not be interrupted by breaking news, or soap opera story lines. We could discuss how work is going, what yard project we both may have lined up and how we're going to get the work done. Every so often she would look over at the screen, shake her head and go on with our conversation as though her attention had never wandered from it for a second. When the talk turned to the lack of rain we have experienced in the past few months, she started laughing. "See that weather map on the TV screen?" she asked. Nodding that yes, I did indeed see the weather map still showing on the TV screen, she continued. "I figured out exactly where we are on that thing," she said. I gave her a quizzical look, and she went on. "No, really, I know exactly where we are. Just look at the map. See where all the clouds are covering it? Yes? Well, see that hole right there, in the middle? That's us. There we are. Cloudless and rainless, and it's where that hole has been for weeks now. No wonder all the ponds are drying up, the satelite won't let the clouds move an inch." You know, I didn't have the heart to tell her that the weather satelite had not a darned thing to do with it, I just reached over for the remote control and changed the channel. I was afraid if I stared at that hole in the middle of the weather map, I'd start to think the weather satelite had a hold on the rain, too.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

A topical post for me Sandi-I've been online today checking out the weather for Florence tomorrow lol!!
Have a lovely week-I'm still waiting for our postal strikes to end properly, then I can send you and Kari your parcels!! Have a lovely week-speak to you when I get back at the weekend xx

Susie Q said...

I had to chuckle...I can just see this lady's face while she is telling you this bit of info!
And my father in law used to leave the Weather Channel on ad nauseum...for some reason, this channel gave him comfort I guess. Why I have no idea!

I do hope you all get that much needed rain. It has been awful for the South this year I know. We have had drought conditions but not quite as bad. Been a weird year weather wise...maybe I better turn on TWC and see just why!!

Oh, the joke here is if you see Jim Cantore orMike Seidel anywhere near your hometown, you are really
in for it. I had a friend call from down South last year to tell me that Mike Seidel was doing a remote from the Dayton Airport. Uh huh...we got 12 inches of snow that night. Tell your friend this fact! Now, is it those guys who bring the bad weather with them?? *laugh*


PAT said...

Hope ya'll get some really good slow rains, soon!!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sandi, you live in a beautiful state yourself. I love SC too & have many relatives up in Greenville.

And never fear, that little white church I posted still has services every Sunday a.m. Another congregation took it over when the others moved. Thanks for coming by!


Genevieve said...

Hello Sandi! I love the post about your Grandma's house, that must have been wonderful! I can see why it haunts you. Both of my Grandmother's lived pretty far away due to my parent's jobs so we did not get to visit very often!I laughed so hard at Ariana's picture! How cute! I agree about the costumes it costs about $70.00 dollars to outfit 2 kids these days yikes!!!!I hope that you are having a nice fall!

Anonymous said...

LOL I wish you had some of our rain we are about to flood here.

Abbie said...

lol, was she really serious??
too funny, it's a beautiful drizzly day envious?