Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween being just days away now, I've been noticing the costumes that are in the stores. They seem rather cheaply made for the prices they go for. Of course, that's just my opinion (and everyone's welcome to it!) The days of homemade costumes are hopefully not behind us, because they can be more fun, less dangerous and downright funny. Every little girl wants to dress up as a princess. So go to the thrift shops and buy a frilly "I'll never wear that again" prom dress and adjust the fit with scissors and pins. Make a lovely tiara with cardboard, tinfoil and glitter. The entire costume won't run over five dollars, if that. Take an old coat and sew patches on the sleeves an old pair of pants, patches on the knees, get an old vest to go over a ratty shirt, burn cork and apply a "beard" that washes off easily with soap and water...what's that, three bucks? Nothing? Buy a cheap eye makeup palate and sit your little darlings in front of the mirror and let their imaginations go wild. They can make bruises and with a bottle of ketchup, apply blood and become a ghoul from the "Night of the Living Dead". Then, there's the all time favorite...a black dress, black stockings, green eyeshadow to make the face appear green, witch's hats are only around two dollars apiece and you have a fantastic little witch. I never got the "run out and buy a costume" routine. We never bought a costume in our lives. I've been a princess a hobo a dancer a clown...I was laughing at my niece, Kari (still Sissy to me) who went dressed as half woman/half man and believe it or not, been there, done that. So, save your money guys, let the kids use their imagination...why spend thirty bucks on someone else's ideas? You and your kids will have so much more fun coming up with your own...and as a bonus, there will be no face mask to block your child's vision. They'll easily see the cars on the roadway, and spot anyone or anything else that seems is the key word here! Fun should be secondary to that.


Terri Steffes said...

Your ideas are right "on the money." Be creative! Have fun!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

So did I mention the time that Dad talked Sherri and I into going to a "costume" party at the VFW and we came dressed as witches, compelte with green faces, and walked in and, other than the drunk lady dressed like Carmen Miranda, we were the only ones in the entire place in costume? Yeah...see? These things seem to happen to me A LOT. Once was a fluke. Twice? Well that just tells me it's time to stop. ha,ha

Jodie Adams said...

Homemade costumes is all I ever had, my parents didn't have the money to buy me one so I dressed up as many things. A gypsy (we covered a bouncy ball with tin foil to be my crystal ball, Dorthy from the wizard of oz (my mom hand painted my shoes red), a Hobo ( easy and fun) and so many others. But it seems that society has taken the joys of that away. Maddy has always had the store bought kind. She wants to wear things like the other kids. It is tough. But I can guarantee this little one I am carrying is going to enjoy the simpler things in life. I am too old fashioned for it not to.