Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag Time

You know, why anyone would want to know more about me is beyond me, but apparently Retired and Crazy ( and Lee at both are compulsive...they both have a need to pass on tags . It's either a Misery Loves Company compulsion or an OCD compulsion...while I am always perfectly happy to talk about myself (be honest now, who of us isn't?) I was beginning to think I was an open book. I am going to have to really dig down deep to find something you can't use to blackmail me with later on , or else just start making junk up. So, first of all I have to post the rules and they are as follows:

The Rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you (Lee and R&C
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about you in your blog post.
4. Tag six people in your post.
5. Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Sounds simple, right? Well according to Lee, she was tagged simply AGES ago and is just now getting to it, so I suspect that there will be other foot draggers along the way. I actually had to go back about 30 posts to see if I had forgotten to do any...I think I may be caught up. Okay, so here goes nothing...

1. Before I went into Law Enforcement I was a Navy Wife...I capitalize it because it was important...Mac was a career Navy Man and I was the person who kept the light lit in the window and encouraged him in all he did...being someone's Rock can be the most important thing we do in life...I do Rock well...

2. My favorite flower is which ever one I'm looking at at the time. I can never say one is prettier than the other...each one has something about it that makes it special. Like people.

3. I love poetry and how the words fit together to make confections. Poetry is word candy.

4. I make authentic Yorkshire Pudding thanks to our neighbor Violet Loxley (in Beaconsfield, Bucks,UK) who taught me all I know about British cookery...and please, there will be no insulting talk about British Cooking here!

5. My baby sister Toni is the only one in my family that I can talk to, I mean really talk to.

6. I have two friends that are as dear to me as fact they are my sister's in heart...Evil Sister and Good Sister...and for the first time the three of us all live in the same County...if I could get Toni to move here, it would be awesome what we could get up to. And lucky that I have so many friends who have badges!

Okay, now I dug down deep and so I must tag six...I want to tag people I haven't tagged before, and since I've made so many new blogging pals, it won't be hard to come up with.
1. Crazy Caths Reflections at
2. Britgal In the USA at
3. Merry Daze at
4. Jamie at
5. Judy at
and lastly tho not least
6. Vee at

So there we have it, my tag is complete when I've notified all the other taggees what they're in for.


Justabeachkat said...

Another fun read! Awwww...I wasn't tagged. Yeah! LOL


Anonymous said...

Nice reading more about you....I too simply love any kind of flowers & poetry is just close to my heart...well done tag...Have a wonderful time!

smilnsigh said...

First, thank you Dear, for having the guts to leave a comment in my post of the *Interesting* threatening email I received.

You and your tags. -giggles-

But I remember how, in a "past blogging incarnation" of mine, people would get *addicted* to doing those Quiz Memes. You know... the ones that go like... "What Color Are You?" or "What Silent Film Star, Are You?", etc. Like eating potato chips!!! Can't eat just one!

So you are just that way, with these "Tell Random Things About You" ones. :-)

But you know I am resistant to them. Remember. Remember. >,-) Me ~ Resistant. :-)


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Well look at you. 2 close friends AND a sister to talk to. You're rich! (and I'm not even laughing when I say that!).

The only poetry I really get into is Jake's. As to flowers...gosh, I may have to agree with you. How can you pick a favorite when the garden's all in bloom?

One of these days, I'll have to tell you about my days as a "Rock". Not sure how I got so stable and grounding, but at one time, it seemed like everybody and their dog was saying they didn't feel the need to think about my reactions to things because I was "their rock". I think I'd rather be their flower. lol

Love ya'll,

Jan said...'s always fun to learn more about our bloggy friends! Thanks for sharing!


Christine Boles said...

Love that name~ Violet Loxley~ did you make that up??

Vee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vee said...

When I read your comment about keeping a light in the window and being a rock, my eyes pinged with hot stinging tears. How do you keep on doing that to me?!

Now you've tagged me before, but I am honored to be tagged again. Thanks, and I mean it! Have you seen what I've been posting about this week? Sad...

(Whatever I wrote above made no sense whatsoever.)

Vee said...

Honestly, I didn't mean directly above, I meant deleted above... Some days it's a challenge to be coherent. LOL!

Seamus said...

I have to agree that poetry is indeed "word candy"! :)

Lib said...

Nice to learn more about you:o)
Hope you're having a great day.

Lee said...

Nice meme results, Sandi. I shouldn't be surprised that you love poetry but it was something I'd never heard you mention. Who's your favorite poet/poetess?


Jamie Dawn said...

I sure liked reading about those things you dug deep down to tell us.
I hate memes and tags and such, but I will grit my teeth and do it. I was tagged awhile back for that six-word memoir thingy too, so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.
If ever I come to your place for a visit, I'd like to try some of that pudding.

San said...

Sandi, you are such a good person. You do Rock well. You like any flower you're looking at and see its beauty, just as you see beauty in people. And you make Yorkshire pudding. You do Rock and you rock! Those friends and that baby sister are lucky indeed.

Grit said...

you did it! well done! applause!

merry weather said...

Hi Sandi, thanks very much for thinking of me, this does sound fun!

And it's a lovely post, from a very nice person I think :)

Jeanne said...

The thing about tags is sometimes you forget what you already shared or change your mind about something like favorite flower or think of something else to share after the fact. Hey thanks fo more links to more cool people ! : )

Sandi McBride said...

For, I did not make up my darling "Bubbles" Violet Loxley. She was a West End Actree (and film actress) Wendy on the West End (Peter Pan) and we loved her so very much...I don't think I exaggerate when I say she was very much the Lady (and related to the actual Robin Hood...and quite proud of the fact! How I miss her. She passed away in 1999...

Cath said...

They are great facts. I am honoured that you share them, and that you tagged me top of the list! I love your n0. 3. Perfect.

BUT - I got tagged with this already and posted it recently (May 17th) here
So, since my response was so recent, I am sorry, I will have to pass. Thanks for thinking of me.

However, some one, somewhere, tagged me with the 6 word meme. I can't remember who it was, and when I find it again (if I ever do - I need to so I can check the rules!) then I will soon be posting that meme. Hope that makes up for it. :)

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Hi dear Sandi, Seems like days since I have visited you. I love your favorite flower thought. I feel the same way. Ms. Wellington is adorable. She's so lucky to have found you. Hugs, Lynn

Jeff B said...

You realize of course that you used British and cooking in the same sentence don't you. I'm quite sure you've broken at least one international law with that.

Teehee giglesnort snicker snicker

katydidnot said...

i work with Navy Wives. and yeah. it's always capitalized, even when we just say it. Navy. Wife. good work. it looks like a hard job.

Mima said...

British cooking is just as good as anyone else's, and Yorkshire pudding is just delicious. If you like sausages Toad in the Hole is another good variation on the theme!

I can imagine you being a very good Rock for Mac, and you are right, it is a hugely important job.

Vee said...

Just following post is up. Thanks for tagging me, Sandi. It sure made today a lot easier. ;D

Judy said...

I just rememeberd about the tag & came by to check it out! And learned a few interesting things about you, Sandi. I'm with you about flowers...they are all my favorites. But I'm thinking I maybe the hydrangea ranks right up there.

I'm not real good at this tagging thing...I'm still holding onto another tag...but one of these days I will pass along my tag. I'm doing a travel theme for the next week over at 'My Front Porch'...and then I MAY just play tag one day.


Mary said...

Are you sick of being tagged? I agree about the flowers But my all time fav are Foxgloves I can't get enough of them Hope you are well

Unknown said...

I always love reading new things about my blogging friends. It really sounds like you had a very interesting life. Would love to hear more about your time in England.

Jodie Adams said...

I love your one about flowers, looks like you wrote some poetry yourself with that one. said...

Loved you tag answers. I'm doing a full roast beef dinner with yorkshire pudding tomorrow, wanna come?

Georgina said...

Sandi, so nice to learn more about you. I had the same tag a few weeks ago, it was fun. I look forward to seeing your victims' results. Debs x

Susie Q said...

I love reading these and always love yours.
Nothing like a Navy wife...: )
You were one of the best...this I know. I have no doubt.