Friday, May 30, 2008

Conspiracy Theories

Someone once said time is relative, and although I can't remember who said it ("I can't remember " seems to be my mantra these days) I never believed it like I am believing it now. It is the last day of May and looking back I can't seem to find the beginning of it. One third of the year is long gone and Summer looms. Okay, I meant to say blooms, but it gets so hot here that looms fits better. Gas is so high that everyone is making one trip do for six and why we don't "car pool" more is beyond me. Wasn't gas just 79 cents a gallon the other day and weren't we all talking about when we could remember gas wars and twenty cent gas? And what happened to all our brainiacs who could have come up with an alternate fuel when gas was rationed in some states...where are they now? I'm not normally paranoid nor do I subscribe to a lot of these conspiracy theories...till now. And oh yes my friends, I do believe that when you see the oil companies making billions on the backs of its customers there is thievery and deception afoot. The only part of our Government's hand I see in it is its failure to do something about it. It makes me wonder who's pocket is getting filled while ours is getting picked. I don't understand how perfectly honest men and women (or at least that's their claim when they are running for election) can become such lying crooks seemingly overnight. They all have "a perfect plan" but if it's so perfect and they love our country so much then why don't they share it with us? Why do they have to be elected to share an answer to our problems? It seems to me that Political should stand for greed and deception and our children are not safe from it's long reach. It would be nice if we had another Mr. Smith to go to Washington, or Miss Smith for that matter. But in the mean time, it flies...time that is...November will be here before we know it and if we're lucky we'll have a President who stands strong for values and his people, who doesn't let party politics become HIS politics and who will encourage our very brilliant youth to find a way to fuel a car that doesn't take anything from the earth or put anything dangerous into our atmosphere. Perhaps someone has already done so, and are being paid to keep it quiet. But wait, I did say I didn't subscribe to conspiracy theories...I just didn't say I don't believe in them.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Can I get an AMEN!? Yes, ma'am. You can!

You are preaching to the choir, as a matter of fact. Politics sicken me these days. It crushes my spirit when I come to believe in someone only to find they do indeed have feet of clay. And there's a lot of clay stained shoes walking around D.C. these days.

As for those oil execs....Don't. Get. Me. Started. Ugh!!!


Seamus said...

I personally think that Washington's hands and feet are stained with oil and someone would have a LOT of convincing to do to dispel my firm belief that there is indeed conspiracy afoot.

Jeanne said...

Amen sistah! Unfortunately I think whoever gets in there is gonna have their hands full shoveling out the crap from this administration to do much else.

Donna said...

Ever heard of a thing called Money? "We the People" have no real say anymore...Who does, you ask...follow the money...They run our country...we've sat on our butts to long and allowed too much water to flow under the won't matter Who wins...They will have it Their talks....sorry...and Why is diesel higher then gas when it needs Less refining??? Do you think They will explain Anything to "We the People"? just make SURE your home is paid off...soon!!
Sorry!!! I hand a Tantrum didn't I!!!LOL......hughugs
PS-Great Post!!!

Lee said...

Interesting post, Sandi. I haven't decided whether I think there is a conspiracy yet or not but I do agree with some of the comments, especially the one where the money is behind everything. I'm not terribly sophisticated politically so I have ideals that conflict with my hopes for a better future through a new choice.


Vee said...

Ahhh...I don't have a clue anymore. I would like to get my hands around the throats of everyone who is so "green" that they are no earthly good. But that's another story for another time. Hang in there, Sandi, we'll need your levity.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand. They told us about thirty years ago that we would soon run out of oil, and yet they've really not a whole lot of not very much about finding viable alternatives. OK, so we have a few hybrid cars. And we have the technology to make hydrogen powered cars, except there aren't enough filling stations to encourage anyone to buy them! Come on! Let's put some brainpower and money into alternative power for transport before we actually DO run out of oil. Please?

I'm with you on the politics. The trouble with politicians is that they can't see beyond the next election, so 'long term' has a different meaning for them.

smilnsigh said...

Part of what the gov. didn't do, is curtail the messin' around, which happens on Wall Street. Something about buying oil futures on speculation. Which has a part in this crazy cost of fuel we are in. And that's one part that most people don't even know, exists.

Now, as to who will 'save us,' come November... Does this Young Saviour you hope wins the election, have a well thought out and articulated plan? Has he told you it? Has he documented it?

Or is it just your hope?

A trusting hope, that he will "stands strong for values and his people"? Btw, what are his values, exactly? And who are his people, exactly?

Yes, I ask some hard-nosed questions. I ask them of each and every one of the people who want to lead us.

I want someone who can LEAD. I want someone who has had some real experience. I want someone who is not afraid of Radical Islam. I want a lot. And I'm not truly happy with any of them.

But... I will go with the person who has articulated who he/she really, really, really is. Who has 'done.' Not someone who only {yet again!} promises the moon. To a worried mass of people.

I don't want 'the moon.' I want a strong and vibrant country, which stands tall and does not want to join the European view of ... "just talk, talk, talk and everything will be ok." I want someone, who has read as much as I have, about Radical Islam. It takes a lot of guts to read this. But if I did it, so can any ol' citizen.

And so should anyone who wants my vote in Nov.

I hope you won't mind my 'soapbox,' since you posted a political entry.


Tara said...

All I know is, I may be biking to work in the future!

kari and kijsa said...

We agree with ARE preaching to the choir...we hope there will be solutions to these skyrocketing gas prices.

Have a fabulous weekend!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Jamie Dawn said...

This problem could have been and should have been solved long ago. Our gov't seems to only get their act together when they are under the gun and the people are about to explode with anger.
I'm not thrilled about any of the three candidates left in this race for prez.
I'd like to throw every single person in Congress OUT, even the few good ones and start all over.
We've made this bed we're in and now we're having to pay for it... through the NOSE!!!

:-) Try and have a good weekend any way.
The heat is on here too. It will only getter hotter and more humid...
What's a southern belle to do??

Sandi McBride said...

Lest anyone get the wrong idea about who I back...I back none of the three...the trouble is we have no one running who is capable of getting us out of this mess. Obama doesn't have the experience, Hilary couldn't control a wandering husband, how does she expect to handle a wandering economy and John McCain has temper issues...The one man I would have backed is long gone!

Justabeachkat said...

What in the heck or we gonna do? We're in a "hell of a mess".


LivingTheLife said...

I agree with "Kat" we are in a "hell" of a mess...and sadly, I'm just not sure we have anyone who can get us out of it...soon, anyway! Prayers are needed...for a LOT of things...our government...being one of them!


Terri said...

Oh yeah baby!

A country who can split and atom and make a nuclear bomb in 6 years can't figure out how to produce cheap energy? Bull.

Politicians may go in honest and well meaning, but they seem to change once they get a taste of the power and "play the game" instead of standing up for the people they are supposed to be representing.

We need term limits and line item vetos. NOW. The congress will never pass it, so the citizens of this country will have to get ourselves a constitutional ammendment!

Next, stop importing Arabian Oil. Open up the oil fields in Alaska and fund the scientists needed to find our alternative energy solutions....We made a bomb that could end the world that way...why can't we do the same thing to give the world something needed and necessary?

Oh, and I totally believe that cheap energy concepts are bought up by rich oil and power companies and squashed so they can keep gouging the consumer.

Maybe, this time, if enough people get mad we can begin to change things for the better!!

Salute said...

It got to get better before it get worst or we won't have nowhere to turn.

Mima said...

The price of petrol over here has gone completely crazy, and we have huge taxes on ours as well. I wish they could find some way to sort it all out, because one thing is for sure, and that is that global warming isn't a conspiracy theory however much our politicians would like it to be, and we need to start doing something about it.

merry weather said...

Here in the UK petrol is touching £1.20 a litre - it costs £70+ to fill the car. Road taxes have rocketed too. The minimum wage is about £6 an hour.

It beggars belief... I'd ride a bike but I can't fit three kids on it and the roads are far too busy for kids to cycle on alone!