Friday, February 15, 2008

A MEME with a Twist...

Okay, to say I've worked hard on this today is the understatement of all time. Most of the time I just type and words flow, but actually figuring out how to do this required real brain heat. This is the second time that I've worked on it and to the five people I afflict, no no, I pass this tag onto, I wish you should have come with a list of instructions...or maybe I'm just so new at this it made me feel stupid...but anyway, here is the deal. Carol over at Katherines Dream started this, or continued it, I might it's her fault that some of you find yourself in the soup...I did say Carol at Katherine's Dream did I not???? So, according to Carol, this is how it works:

Archieve Instructions: Go back through your archieves and post links (worked for an hour on figuring that one out...) your five favorite blogs posts that you've written. But here's the catch (and Lord knows I was expecting that)
Link 1 must be about family
Link 2 must be about friends
Link 3 must be about you yourself
Link 4 must be about something you love
Link 5 can be about anyone or anything you choose.
This is good fun and gives us all a chance to read the archieve posts and leave more comments. So, here goes
Link 1: about how a simple job with family involvement can be unnerving
Link 2: about how friends are valued
Link 3: How I came to be a cat lover
Link 4 about how things become possessions then obsessions
Link 5: about the murder of my former partner and Brother in Blue, John Crawley...still loved, still missed

Okay, there are my links and now I must choose five of my friends to do the same. Two of them must be new blogging friends. Here are ones I've chosen, and they are all in my sidebar under Best Blogging Buddies...there is not a one I wouldn't recommend to you...that's why they are over there in the sidebar...they're the best. It's a hard choice to make, but here goes:
Kathy (Just a Beachkat) whom I admire for her strength and determination and humor. She's a riot!
Teresa at Living the Life who thinks that just because she's building a house she gets to go away for a no no...we want a blow by blow description of what's going on!
Jeanne of Life or Something Like It, who is a most interesting know that's a term of endearment now Jeanne...and always has the most interesting photos to share...
and now for two new blogging friends:
Mari-Nanci at Smilensigh, I have come to look forward to her site everyday to see what interesting things (like life as a personal favorite) she can come up with.
Lee, at Chrysalis Dreams who you will find to be straight forward and warm.
And I'd like to mention here David McMahon at Authorblog who spends his time introducing bloggers to each other, is a fantastic blogger and photographer. I'd like to tag him and leave it at "when you find the time." Well, there it is...have a good time with this, don't make it a lot of work like I did...if you are as computer illiterate as I am finding I am, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail, maybe I can make it easier for you!


Everything Stops for Tea said...

what's the twist sand?

Jan said...

I'm popping over from...well, actually a couple of different blogs that I read! I kept seeing you in the comments and thought I had to go see who this lovely woman is! *lol* What a perfect post for me to "discover" you! I'll be back for another visit! Take care!


Mima said...

Sandi what a beautiful collection of posts, you write in such a lovely way, and so honestly about what is going on around you. A real treasure trove, and a lovely read. Thanks also for not naming me, it would have been a real struggle at the moment!! I should imagine that it was quite interesting to go back through and rediscover things.

I've had a better day today, so managed to get into the shower which was just delicious, so a nice clean girl now!

Vee said...

Wow! No wonder you spent so much time doing this MEME. It really is a thought-provoking one! I am so glad that you accepted the challenge, though, because now I'm inspired to go back to the beginning of your blog and read all of your entries. You have a wonderful gift of making readers laugh out loud and then to sober them right back up with a comment that is so poignant that it brings a tear to the eye.

(Hope that M-N takes you up on this one! ;>)

david mcmahon said...

Thank you for the very kind words, Sandi.

Vee said...

Awww, don't worry about the missing happens to me all the time.

The worst thing is...I should save this for a bloggy when words disappear from my sentences only to show up in the oddest places. No, I am not crazy, just annoyed. LOL!

Susie Q said...

This is an amazing MEME dear Sandi...and it have me the chance to go back and re-read these posts. You write with such a warm and fluid style...your words are always so meaningful, sweetly funny one moment, touching or heart wrenching the next.
These are not just blog posts...they are, brilliant essays and need to be in print somewhere...

I adore are an amazing lady.


myonlyphoto said...

Sandi, meme are becoming more intelligent, lol, or more confusing. As much as you had to really work hard on them, I think this was wonderful meme to introduce yourself to bloggers like me, and I say wow, you are one wonderful blogger. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

Theresa said...

I can see how that could take you all day, just reviewing what you have blogged. It is a good way for new readers to get to know you better.

I liked your view on friendship, and how you became a crazy cat lady- I was always a dog person until we got our cat Sam.

I was sorry to read about your friends murder- unfortunately there is no words that can take the sting out of something like that-I am sorry for your loss.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandi,

I read all of your archives and they were good. I didn't know that about your partner and I am so sorry and I can totally relate to your crazy cat story :-) Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Hmm okay I'm good to do this. LOL at your Yankee comment, first thought you were commenting on my baseball affiliation. Looking forward to reading back at yours.

kari and kijsa said...

Loved this! So fun to see more posts!!

kari & kijsa

Vee said...

Just so you'll know that I was, I am not a stalker. Am I?

October 18,2007br/>
Oh, and if you'd like to get rid of some spam, you can go back to May 8, 2007 and give it the boot.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Sandi,
This was fun!! I enjoyed reading some of the posts that I missed before...I so enjoyed your writing. I know when I come here, I will either be laughing, or crying or getting frustrated right along with you.


Unknown said...

Great collection of posts! As many posts that you do I'm sure that took you all day to complete!
Have a lovely weekend.
Sandy :)

Carol said...

Well that was lovely Sandi and well worth the work.
How nice it is to look back like old friends really.
Much love,
Carol x

GoMommy said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad to have visited your site today. I LOVE your "Raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens"...funny because it's true!

Lee said...

Okay, I did the meme. I also did another one which I tagged you for.

Peace! and Thank you for the lovely trip through your writings.

Sandi McBride said...

As usual, your kind remarks move me. I am glad this MEME turned out so well considering I am so computer challenged! I've gone back and read several complete archieves of some of my commenters, and intend to get to the rest this weekend. I hope it rains me in tomorrow, there's nothing I love more than a good read on a rainy day.

smilnsigh said...

Oh Sandi, Sandi, Sandi... I love ya' Hon. You know that. But right now, I could *throttle* you. >,-0


For picking me for one of those *MEME* thingies.

'Cause I never do any of them.

Not memes. Not tags. Not this'es. Not thats'es. Not any of them. When I am tagged or something, I just say a polite 'Thank you' in the nice gal's comment section and go on.

I never put any of those 'tagged buttons' on my Side bar either. Go check! You'll see. Not a ding-dang one. I know, compared to lots of gals, my blog Side Bar looks like I am more *to be avoided,* than a blog to enjoy. ,-)

But it's just not 'my thing,' to add 'em. Or to accept tags and pass them on and etc.

But you are so cute and fun and nice, that I hate it when I have to write a comment like this. -pout- Hate it! I've been avoiding coming here and doing it, too. But I can't avoid it any more. So.. I did it. -sigh-

And you'd *better* still love me, even though. :-))))


bj said...

Just coming over to say thanks for visiting today and leaving nice words about my chest . My CHEST OF DRAWERS, that is !!:)
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi! Well done on backtracking the links, your real brain heat worked a treat Ma'am!! What a fab Meme, or Hoopla wasn't it supposed to be called??!! Anyways, it was great to go back and learn a bit more about you and read your fab stories, all before we started blogging too, so glad sweet Carol thought of that! Have a wondeful weekend Sandi :) Jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Girl Easter is in close to a month.It comes early this year. All my red came down today and I had to get out the bunnies.

Love Bears All Things said...

Loved your story about your Mama and traveling.
Thanks for visiting me. I learned the birds were Snow Geese. I just made it on Monday from the car.
Mama Bear

Seamus said...

Sounds like a good exercise to spotlight your archived material! :)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Sandi!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I love meeting new friends and hope you'll come back soon!

This is a very interesting meme! I can see that it would be some work to find all those specific stories. You did a good job!


Mima said...

Sandi, there's an award for you over at my blog! The last book that I read was a lovely one called Disclosure by Naomi Alderman. Its about a Jewish girl who is a lesbian and it has driven her away from her family and faith. And the story is about her having to reconfront herself. It is a fascinating read and so well written.

I can't read at the moment, but hopefully if I continue to pick up, or if these new injections work I will be well enough to, and I promise to tell you all about it!

The sun is shining bright and I am having the most lovely of weekends - all details in my next proper post, but fantastic happy times, just had to share that so you knew I was ok!!

Justabeachkat said...


Thanks for thinking of me. I'm working on it, I promise. Wow...this meme takes some work, as I'm sure you know! It was fun going back and reading your posts again.


NeereAnDear said...

woo hoo I am sooo glad you didnt pick me for this one LOL ... kidding

I am actually getting ready to post yes I did say that... I should have something within a few days... I have been working on resizing my photos.... way too many of them...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello... I have just not been a good bloggin buddy lately... shame on me...

Better late than never my friend..



NeereAnDear said...

ok ms sandi FINALLY!!!



Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Just dropping by to say hi.....Hi :)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Sandi...
I am just beginning the second book in the Outlander series....I am looking forward to reading them all!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day...Smiles

windycorner said...

So much fun to read back through the old posts. Great meme.

Adla said...

Boy Sandi dear!
That is a lot of work and how did you choose the favourites , all of your posts are worth reading ,each one filled with your love and enthusiasm.

And I am sorta missing in action, things have been cropping up in dully Perth more than I've anticipated.Thanks for checking on me, you are such a wonderful blogging friend. I think you deserve and award as Chair woman of our blogging neighbourhood watch :D

chat soon, Hugs, Adla

For Love Of Home said...

Sandi, I enjoyed going back to your previous posts. You have a great way with words. I also enjoy reading comments left too, it's kind of like being nosey and getting away with it.

Terri Steffes said...

Adorable! I love your posts but I always have. I love to see what choices you made, too. Twist sand?

PAT said...

Hi Sandi, I'm just checking in here, this evening. This sounds wonderful. I'll be reading your favorite posts later on today. I know I will love them, just as I enjoy each and everything you post here!


Sandra Evertson said...

Love it!
Sandra Evertson

Jeanne said...

Okay Sandi, I posted mine! It wasn't too hard after all. hehe

kari and kijsa said...

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She is turning 40!!!

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