Friday, December 11, 2009

Seeing the New Year in Clearly

I guess you've all heard my complaints that once you reach sixty and get to the top of the hill it's all downhill from there. I'm going to start calling Mac Speed Racer if he doesn't knock it off! He's been complaining lately about not being able to see all those little minute connections that put together the computer motherboards and the rest of that super highway to the Internet. You know, he builds them. The one I've used for the past year is a in made by, not as in Macintosh. It's held up beautifully and I refuse to let him "tweak" it. As it turns out, that's probably the best decision I've made for myself in years. After all, you must be able to see to tweak.

Last week after hearing the umpteenth complaint about how he's just falling apart, can't see and half the time can't hear (like all men he has selective hearing) on the portable phone, I came to a decision. First, I called and made him an appointment at the Optometrists. That appointment was carried out last Wednesday. The news was not good. In fact the news was disturbing to me and I found I couldn't concentrate enough to come in and post anything new. I couldn't make myself want to decorate anything other than the tree. Not only did she find two cataracts that were giving him major problems, there was a suspicion of macular degeneration. I knew that the cataract problem was (generally) easily reversible, but not the other. I knew that macular degeneration could rob him of his sight permanently. He is too young for that.

He is so blamed stubborn about things that I could see the situation unfolding like this. I'd be on the phone to both Good and Evil Sister arranging a kidnapping to get him to the Opthomologist if he needed the kind of treatments for the Macular Degeneration that I've heard about. I'm not saying he's a chicken (who's doing that clucking?) but he doesn't like anything to do with needles and the like. If I told you the lengths I had to go to to get him to have the quad bypass surgery done in March 1999 you wouldn't believe me. No, you really wouldn't. So, I've been understandably nervous all week. Well, the appointment with the Eye Surgeon was today. They took Mac to the back, alone. I sat in the waiting room with my new Ann Rule book and couldn't concentrate on one word. I read the same page three times before I gave it up. In a bit, the nurse came back and got me and took me to the room where Mac was waiting.

He told me he'd watched a video on cataracts and the procedure to remove them. He didn't appear to be ready to run, so I sat back and relaxed. We were laughing like hyena's (laughter being the best medicine) when Doctor Seltzer entered the exam room. Mac's eyes had been dilated (he looked like Kermit the Frog, that's how I knew) and Dr. Seltzer explained a bit about what he was going to be looking for. He asked Mac if he knew anything about Macular Degeneration. Mac told him he didn't, and Dr. Seltzer told him they'd cross that bridge when they got to it. He began the exam.

A few minutes later, we got the good news. There was no Macular Degeneration, but there was a small problem with the Iris that wasn't really to bad at this point (in one eye). But he did have cataracts in both eyes, the one in the left eye being the most pronounced. " And that's the one that has to go first, " Dr. Seltzer said, very matter of factly. He explained that the procedure would take less than six minutes, how it was done and that he would like to do the other one two to three weeks after the first. I sat there with my mouth hanging open as Mac agreed to get the surgery. On December 28th. This year. He rarely surprises me anymore. This time he left me flabbergasted. After all, I had heard the same horror stories from his father about his surgery that Mac had. They were not pretty. They were not conducive to decision making after the hearing of them.

We made the arrangements for the blood work, seeing Dr. Moyd for the pre-surgery exam on Monday, and took the prescription for the drops he'd need and I was still in shock. He was agreeable to having it done. He wasn't making those clucking noises I'm so used to hearing when it comes to major surgery. Okay, so it's not really clucking, it's more like hemming and hawing, but still. So as of 2010, Mac will be seeing clearly for the first time in a long time. That's not to say I'm not hiding truck keys and suitcases...I still don't trust this "I'm going along with everything you say" man. I've lived with him since October of 1968. I've learned his ways. So the surgery will be done. And I've already warned him what is going to happen if he looks at me and says, "damn baby, when did you get old?"


Terri Steffes said...

LOL, oh Sandy, I might have the same husband as you. I am going to have to knock him out to get him to do a colonoscopy. He's using my cancer as a reason not to do it. Is that insane?

LOVED your last line...

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

He will see like a kid again, maybe better!

My sister is three years younger than I am. She has early macular degeneration. She's on some sort of meds that's supposed to help. This was diagnosed in her 50's. She also has had four strokes (in her 50's) and she ha Rheumatoid Arthritis, among a few other things. She is 63. I am 66 and thank the Lord have remained in fairly decent health. J, on the other another story.

San said...

Sandi, I'm glad Mac's report was better than expected. I've known lots of people who've had the cataract surgery and it's gone beautifully.

But, to be on the safe side, do hide those truck keys.

Rosaria Williams said...

Yes, he'll get back his 20 year old eyes. Maybe a whole lot more than his sight will improve.

Mary said...

Sandiit will be so good and give him a whole different outlook on life so you'd better get the lipstick out!Sorry he needs to have them done but its fairly simple and get greta results so well worth it. Love from a very cold England where we may get some snow

Jeanne said...

That's so great for him. Our men folk really need us to nudge =(or drag) them in the right direction.

Nessa said...

I think all husbands must be the same. They are all little boys when it comes to their health.

Flash Dancing

Lee said...

Sandi, I agree with Nessa. My ex was the same way, hated to go to the doctor and never told him about the real problems. I had to put my foot down and do the talking for him. Glad Mac was shown stuff that was so informative and apparently reassuring. Prayers ascending till the surgery's done and eyes healed!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Good job in getting him to the doctor! He will have a whole new outlook........ let me know if you can convince him to have his hearing tested!

Mickle in NZ said...

These days cataract surgery is incredible. My dear neighbour had worn glasses all her life with very thick lenses as she was incredibly short sighted. With the replacement artificial lenses she now only needs glasses for reading.

Hope Mac has as good a result.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I have a terrible fear of anything having to do with eyes ... and already, doctor has said I'm growing cataracts. Weird thing? My hubby was, too, but last visit, the doctor said she couldn't explain it, but his were gone. Go figure!!! Maybe he's getting younger???

SandyCarlson said...

My dad had cataract surgery; changed his life. No more glasses anymore, either. So it's good.

I hope all goes well for Mac.

Lib said...

I had cataract surgery on both eyes,It Was wonderful to see again. I had no pain from the surgery.
I hope all goes well for Mac!
HAve a warm and cozy wk.end!

Merisi said...

What a relief, both that Mac's sight problems can be corrected and that he agreed to have it done so swiftly! Good luck and get an appointment at the beauty salon before the big date! *grin*

Maggie May said...

Wonderful that surgery can happen so fast and early on. At one time you had to be almost blind before you could get it done.
Mund you........ he will notice EVERYTHING from now on!

Nuts in May

NitWit1 said...

Oh wOW, we must be of similar age. I hope you are younger, but I won't regale what may be down the road. I think the best advice is take it as it comes.

My husband had his new vision for about 9 mo now. He needs only reading glasses. His procedures last 30 minutes including local anesthesia, etc. Actual procedure, much less. I had to drive him home, but his vision improvement was almost immediate.

My diagnosis was small cataracts, but possible glaucoma which means eyedrops the rest of my life. However the up side is vast improvement in drug therapy is only a drop once a day.

Compared to other ailments, I consider this one MINOR.

Happy new eyesight to your husband.

PS I used to build computers, too. Now I am addicted to laptops because I cannot sit long periods of time at a desk. I just ordered my third super dooper Quad processor. But the last one I built was still functioning the last time I turned it on.

Hilary said...

What a relief to know that there was no sign of macular degeneration. I'm glad you didn't have a struggle getting him to agree. I know all to well how stubborn men can be about their health.

And I have little doubt that he'll take a look at you and say "How do you manage to stay so beautiful?"

Zuzana said...

I am sorry you had a rough week... Getting not so positive news about your health or the health of your loved ones is the worst kind of news.
I am relieved to learn that it turned out to be more positive than you thought inititially.

Our eyes are so important; stories like yours reinforce the fact why I decided to be a scientist and why my field of work, which also includes the study of eye function and eye diseases, is so very vital.

Have a lovely weekend,

Akelamalu said...

I've always looked on my eyesight failing slightly as I get older as a bit of a blessing - I can't see the wrinkles! LOL

Good to hear Mac is agreeable to the surgery considering what a difference it will make. :)

ds said...

So glad there is no macular degeneration. Good for him for being willing to go for this procedure--but you are wise to hide the truck keys ;)

Jeff B said...

A big Yahoooo!!! that his prognosis was better than expected.

My mom just had cataracts surgery. One in each eye. Both went exactly as planned and she sees nearly perfectly now.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am being tested for gulocoma and Tuesday. I am so glad it turned out good...m.

Donna said...

HAhahaaa....He better NOT say that!!Hahaa...funny!
Well Good for him being Brave! Hang in there Girl...Hubby had a colonoscopy last week...and against All odds, he did great!

Unknown said...

Glad to know that he'll have a better eyesight soon. I agree with some of the comments about men being like little boys when it comes to these issues!

My husband went through three surgeries between 2006/07. The worst was leaving the children (in the middle of their exams) with their aunt/uncle and going across the country to the extreme west. Being with him throughout made me realize that we women are so much stronger. We survived through it all but those days were the worst ever!! It was a tumour on one kidney. The other two weren't all that comparison to the tumour.

Gosh, I didn't mean to talk so much! Sandi...hope everything goes well. I did wonder why you hadn't posted. said...

Oh, my my my!!! Catarac surgeries are so common place now, he'll do just fine. And the Macular degeneration, sounds like a witch hunt!!! They told me that years ago and I haven't been able to find another doctor to confirm it......but I need to have my eyes checked soon and would love to have laser surgery. Hmmmm! Can't you just see the two of us with eye patches banging about??? LOL....Good luck to my Macadoodle!!!

Pondside said...

What a lot of worry you had before your Mac saw the light and opted for the surgery! It's always the way - husbands and kids and worry. I'm glad he's having it, but you'd better double up on the moisturizer cream before the 28th...or you'll have to follow through on your threat, because that man is going to SEE!

Anya said...

Don't tell me about men ..... LOL
They are little boys when they have something hehehe....

Carol said...

Laughter is a great medicine, so true. I hope all goes well with Mac's little op.
Love to you both,
Carol x

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Merisi said...

Thinking of you and Mac, good luck!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm happy the hubby's problem is not as serious as you originally thought. I know how difficult it is to get a man to the hospital, it took me about two weeks (and some bodily harm threats) to get my dad to the hospital when he was having mild chest pain. Then, when the doctor found that his arteries were suffering because of his diet, papi wouldn't stop talking about dying.

He is good now, taking his pills and eating what I cook for him (while trying to sneak in sweets and fried foods).

This was such a fun post, by the way, you can really tell a story.

Land of shimp said...

I'm so glad it wasn't macular degeneration, my grandmother has that...although she's 95 so she's likely earned the right to not seeing what she doesn't wish to. She's also very hard of hearing and won't wear her hearing aids, she's 4'11'' of extreme Scottish toughness.

The universal sound of the chicken when it comes to fear of needles (something that seems to be an almost universal fear among men): The Order of the Bagock!

I hope all goes well, and isn't it amazing how much more attractive we all are slightly out of focus? I never put in my contacts or put on my glasses until I'm at least in my underwear while in the bathroom. Some complete misanthrope put mirrors at every angle in there, and I've found that slightly out of focus, I'm a great deal better pleased with the state of affairs!

CatHerder said...

Good luck to mom had both eyes done, and is so excited she can finally SEE AGAIN!..I, on the other hand just bought one strength stronger on my old lady "readers" lol...youre lol

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Suldog said...

Not really knowing Mac, but taking a guess: After quad bypass surgery, cataract surgery doesn't faze you as much as it previously might have?

God's love to you both, in any case.

Donna said...

If you get an email that says I'm in London and needing to have money sent to be so I can get home, don't worry...I've been hacked!!! Just trash it!!!

Unknown said...

Will be praying that his surgery goes well!! Hope you are having a great week. Blessings,Sandy

Jay said...

Oh goodness, what a worry - and what good news that there is no macular degeneration! Thank heavens for that.

I tend to laugh like a hyena in hospitals too. It's the only thing to do, sometimes. Tell Mac good luck with the surgery!

Anonymous said...

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Merisi said...

Greetings with a shovel full of snow!
Is your Christmas going to be white?

Our daughter made it safely to Heathrow so far (out of California and we hope to see here tonight.

Vee said...

Oh I am so glad that you got mostly good news. Nan had the cataract surgeries way back in the early days. Hasn't had her prescription changed since then and can read without glasses. Ain't living in these times grand? I imagine that it's only gotten better with time. Now hope that you have gotten on with the Christmas details that were so difficult to think about a few days ago...besides keeping track of me and being such a great help to me. Hugs!

i beati said...

My mother at 87 just had surgeries and sees why better than me..DId you get the check??THAnks again,,sandy

Trubes said...

All the best wishes to you all at this festive time and I hope mac's op goes well.

Merry Christmas from a very snowy Liverpool UK.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hope Mac's treatment goes well Sandi. My son was diagnosed with central serous retinopathy earlier this year and was told it would not need treatment and his sight would be OK in due course, which, I am glad to say, it is.

I wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas and send best wishes for the coming year. A x

Tara said...

Hi SAndi

OK, so we can handle this--it can all be fixed!! YES! Loved your ending line, you just always make me laugh! Wishing you a wonderful southern holiday!

NeereAnDear said...

Hey sweet friend....

Just stopping by to wish you and Mac a fabulous Christmas...

Also wanted to say THANK YOU... you are a dear...


Kanak7 said...

Hi Sandi, it's me again! Just to tell you I've moved to Wordpress.

Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and loads of GOOD WISHES for the NEW YEAR!!

Anya said...

Hi Sandi

I hope all is well ...
We come to say

Merry Christmas
and a happy & healthy 2010
for you and your whole family

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

myonlyphoto said...

Lol Sandi, glad that all turn out good on the end. You have to watch out for yourself also, things like that take a lot of stress on your body. Hope you can relax.

BTW Sandi I dropped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010. And also I would like to thank you for being a such a good blogging friend. Always enjoy your stories. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

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Dr.John said...

Glad he is having the surgery. My wife had it ob both eyes and it went very well.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Wishing you all the very best, Sandi, to you and your family this Christmas and in 2010 and beyond! Hope the surgery goes well for Mac. Hugs Hadriana xx

Merisi said...

Merry Christmas, Sandi,
to you and your family,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help!

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's fantastic news (about the macular degeneration). 28th? That means he's going in tomorrow-- my thoughts and prayers will be with you!
My mom and friend had this done last year and they are both SOOOO happy (and both keep declaring how they're seeing better than they have in years).

Hope you had a nice peaceful Christmas, Happy New Year!

Mary said...

Hope you and Mac are OK and had a great Christmas mary

Diva's Thoughts said...

I'm really glad it wasn't Macular Degeneration.

Anya said...

Have a very happy New Year
and a wonderful and happy 2010 :-)


Vee said...

Hi there...say have you run off to play on Facebook again? Are you building one of those farms or something? Anyway, we miss you here in Blogland. Hope that you'll be back soon.

Mockingbird Hill said...

Sandi & Mac...

Wishes for a very Happy New Year!



��Radio Mihalis Thalassis - Athens Greece said...

Happy new year. Michael

Donna said...

Happy New Year!!! hughugs

Lynne said...

Hi Sandi,
I hope the procedure went well.
All the best to you and Mac.

Tessa said...

Happy New Year Sandi. I hope Mac's cataract surgery went well and that he has found you a beautiful now as he did in 1968. I have macular degeneration and cataracts forming as well,but so far they are holding their own and not causing any major problems. I am back on my blog as of this morning and appreciate all your comments and suggestions. Tessa

The Muse said...

You can always lift me up!
Oh how I have missed you!

Blessings for all things medical my dear...and he will now see how truly lovely you are! (wink)

Anonymous said...


Nishant said...

to be on the safe side, do hide those truck keys.

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