Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Thanksgiving Challenge Post 14: All the new 1

So here we are, in the near middle of the Thanksgiving Challenge thrown by Leah at Southbreeze Farm. I was wondering last night what I was going to post about when a call from Good Sister answered my question. After a few minutes of general "whatcha doing" conversation, before we rang off, she asked what we were going to watch on TV tonight. I replied that with so many channels to choose from I'd just do a little surfing till something caught my fancy.

And there in lies a post.

When I was growing up we had only a few of the wonderful appliances in our home that we have now. We had an electric range, a refrigerator, a TV and radio. My parents had a stereo which we were under no circumstances ever to touch. EVER. My dad had three remote controls, their names were Holly, Sandi and Toni. Sometimes he conveniently combined our three names to Holsanton to make sure he got at least one little body to change the channel of the TV we could only watch one hour a day. We were also in the era of rabbit ears, and sometimes just the touch of our fingers on that contraption would make the picture come in clearer and if it was a news item, we had to stand there for a while so that all the news he wanted to hear could be seen, as well. Now, these days I have satellite, both TV and radio. If we lose picture on account of clouds, never mind, I have tivo'd 80 hours of entertainment in that event and we will never do without moving pictures on the screen. And I don't have to have Arianna stand with one hand on a rabbit ear, the other pointed out sharply north east to ensure a perfectly crisp image. What a world. What a life. So, today I am thankful for my did we ever get along without it? Funny though, last night we had to watch a movie on the DVD player because of all the 359 channels Dish offers at the lowly price of $()&.00 a month, nothing was on.


Putz said...

i was the first in the whole town of tooele to have a sterio, probably in the whle state of utar, and listened to taboo by arthur lyman, i am sure you never heard of him, and to hear the bird calls on all sides of me and then bob nash my friend used to come in and listen because it was so neat and he was too poor to have one

Nessa said...

Things are so different now than then when it comes to gadgets. It is pretty amazing.

Long Overdue

Sally said...


Oh yeah, and I can remember putting tin foil on the antennae!!

Also, the first tv we had! We kids thought we were rich!! :)

I think the first show to come in color was Bonanza, but that could be wrong. :)

Lee said...

Sandi, I'm grateful that you've got satellite too because your watching and reporting helps me find interesting things to seek out on the web. I won't even bother to tell you how much my electricity bill dropped when I unplugged all my TV viewing equipment. When I was a child the repair of the TV meant a house call and if the set needed to go to the hospital (shop) a substitute was left in its place. How quickly our parents adapted to the square babysitter. LOL


♥Mimi♥ said...

I so ♥ your blog entry of blessings. I had forgotten all about the tv and the antennas of my youth. What was cool in those days was that all you did was plug in the machine and that was that - no monthly bill that looks like the National debt☺

Terri Steffes said...

I could so relate to this post! I, too, was the remote control and the antenna, many a time! Don't forget the piece of foil that you tied on from time to time!

Finding Pam said...

I remember my sister and I laying on the floor watching TV. We could not beliecve that we had a TV.

Boozy Tooth said...


Why do you put up with me??!?! You are so faithful to Casa Hice, you come every day and leave such awesome comments and I just realized I do not return the favor very often. I apologize. You see, I didn't realize that I hadn't added your blog to my blogroll - so I came to do that and realized I hadn't even subscribed to follow your blog. OMG! I should be shot.

Except now that I have subscribed and have put you on my blogroll - to shoot me means I won't be back. So please please please don't shoot me. Let me make it up to you... okay chica? Por favor?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came here by way Mimi to Leah's to yours .. first on her linky list. I'm also following Ann Tatum's 30 Days of Thanksgiving, for which I've been postin since Nov 1.
Oh it is so wonderful to go into the grab bag of memories like this. I remember Test Patterns. Mr McGoo, Kaptain Kangaroo, and others all black and white with snow from rabbit ears. Our first color was a small portable and FLipper was the first thing it showed. I'm so glad I don't have to be an antennae anymore but what a fun memory. Hope you'll stop by my blog if you have a moment. I may have more than I can follow but I'm going to try. See ya next time. Jenn

Maria said...

Ah! Strange are the ways of life, sometimes!

Expat mum said...

We've just bought ourselves a new car and it's so long since we've done this I'm still constantly amazed at what you can do in it. I've had my cell phone connected to it so that I can make calls without getting the thing out of my bag, and the other person's voice comes through the speakers. ANd I don't even have to switch the radio off.
And the GPS/sat nav help is great! Solves a lot of arguments!

SandyCarlson said...

We had a beyond-touching stereo, too. And that gave way to another and another.....And here we are watching TV via outer space.

I enjoyed your story.

Rosaria Williams said...

And with all these gadgets we still want to walk on the beaches.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Oh, I remember the one-hour limit and the rabbit ears. I'm afraid to get dish. We have only the very, very, very basic --- and even at that, the boob-tube takes away too much from me. It's a challenge to turn it off. Stop by and pick up your panda.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Funny, but we miss that simpler time. But I would want to take the remote with me...

Anonymous said...

That was quite an interesting discussion. I remember going to the wealthy lady's house on our street on Sunday evenings to watch I Love Lucy. She was the only one who had one. That was about 1950. The whole neighborhood came.

Karen M said...

We are blessed in so many ways!!

Akelamalu said...

LOL a zillion channels to choose from and there is NOTHING worth watching - so true!

i beati said...

hahah the times they are a changin..We had no electricity fior years - our farm was too far out- deep cellar.mountains of WVa.

Zuzana said...

Wonderful post; the world has indeed changed a lot. I grew up with black and white TV, no remote and only 2 channels.;)
And no telephone.
But I sure was a happy child.

CatHerder said...

I grew up with a black and white tv you could barely see teens have EVERYTHING...i think they would die if they lost their cellphones or had no internet connection for their MySpace and Facebook. One of the reasons i love to go on just become UNPLUGGED...i dont think i could live without a fridge and stove though..i COULD live without a still old school :-)

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Sandi, you've done it again, prompting funny/happy memories:

Early 1980s and my dear Dad gets up to change to The Other (yep- only 2)Channel. Our cat, Bits, leaps up to take over his warmed up armchair. Happy, funny memories.

Bits was 10 thousand times stroppier than Zebbycat, so removing her meant risking skin and limbs, and the stroppy girl would remember too. The next one past the doorway she was hiding behind would get it in the ankles. Still we got off very lightly compared to any dog that dared even look at her territory!

Tom Bailey said...

I think of the tons of people that do not even have electricity let alone those things you mentioned as well. Amazing things to be grateful for. I liked the list you have so far.

Hilary said...

That's another difference too. Back then we had very few channels and options but if we could watch, we'd devour what was on. Now with hundreds of options.. nothing's quite good enough. Great post. :)

larkswing said...

Isn't it funny how we can have so many chanels to choose from and yet nothing that strikes our fancy to watch!

weirsdo said...

We had no TV growing up, which is probably why I got a doctorate in English literature.

Amber Star said...

I was reading Luckie's Corner and saw she had seen your daily giving thanks challenge and was going to participate. It is a good way to not get complacent with the marvels we live with. English major is going to get me for that dangling participle.

Amber Star said...

oops...finally found the source for the graphic at the other place.
Nice reading your blog, though.

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