Friday, November 21, 2008

When in doubt, blame the cat

I'm not sure what is going on in the world of television these days, but it seems a lot of the commercials are funnier than the actual show they host. I've been known to lay in wait for my favorites. Do you remember the one about the dog, who on seeing the sandwich his Master had prepared, sitting beside it a bottle of soda (Pepsi, coke one of those) eats the sandwich, drinks the drink, then taking the cat by the scruff of the neck, sits him next to the empty plate, bottle by...this teaches us what? When in doubt, blame the cat. The cat is good for all kinds of blame. I've seen Mac look Pyewackit directly in his blue eyes and say "did you do that?" I can guarantee you that if he had done "that" (which usually involves a foul odor moving in my direction) he would proudly own up to it by doing a mad run around the house, climbing up woodwork and sliding into the kitchen sideways on the rag rug. My usual response to this is "now that's mature. Blame a poor defenseless cat." Having grown up in a household of girls, I had to learn the "pull my finger" game from Mac. And he couldn't wait to teach it to his sons. My mother tried to warn me that boys were disgusting, but would I listen? So anyway, the cat and the sandwich is my favorite of all time.
To see the commercial, just cut and paste if it doesn't work.

Then some ads are so irresponsible that it makes me want to look for a lawyer. These are of course from the Auto Industry. We spend our lives instructing our children on the proper way to drive, to insure that they get home safe and sound, and these bozos are out there talking about "vroom vroom". VROOM VROOM? I do not want my children to go from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds. I don't really want them going 60 at all, since the speed limit for most places is 55. The double nickle. Of course, when my boys first got out there driving they had lots of eyes on them, my brother and sister officers told all. My younger son, Michael, was nicknamed "the Road Warrior" by one of the Highway Patrol officers. Eventually, he realized that he was in a no win situation and slowed down. But the Auto Industry has so much to answer for. Speeding down a highway is only one of the ads that get me hyped up. There is another one that is much worse, in fact borders on Child Endangerment.

Dad is out in the back yard building Junior a treehouse. It's a warm day. Dad is sweating. He goes over to the family van, and pulling back the sliding door (it's closed!) tells his son the tree house is ready. Now, this is a "tear that little ass out of the frame" moment. The kid looks at his father and wants to know if the tree house has a television. NO? Well, does it have leather seats? NO? Then I'll just stay in here with my little friend. I'LL JUST STAY INSIDE THIS OVEN THAT CAN GO FROM 78 TO 140 (NOT IN 7 SECONDS BUT CLOSE) AND KILL ME. That is irresponsible advertising, no redeeming features in this one at all. I actually wrote to a couple of networks to complain about the ad content, and I encourage anyone who sees it (it still runs, though the brat is probably in high school giving his teachers a hard time, now) to do the same. I'm afraid it may take a disaster to get this one off the air. I can't even put words to the disaster, it chills me.

And not to let the Auto Industry off the hot seat to quickly, lord knows they need their feet held to the fire as long as possible (till they develop crispy toes at the very least) but I really don't know any women who put their makeup on in the car mirror. I know, there are a few...I just don't know nor have ever known, any. Not even a passenger who has ever ridden with me has done that. What do I feel? I feel they, the Auto Industry (dimwits) are poking fun at the wrong thing. I have a new commercial in or woman, riding down the highway...cell phone to their ear, mind on the conversation when suddenly they are wearing the road they were just driving on. Cut to scene at the hospital. Driver/patient is lying on a gurney when suddenly a phone begins to ring. The ring is coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the driver/patient's butt. Because that's where it is well and truly wedged. I may be the last person in the world to not own a cell. When I go shopping, if I want company I take a friend with me. I don't want my phone ringing and interrupting my shopping high. I don't even like to answer the phone at home, so why is answering the one in your purse or that ridiculous little head set stuck in your ear so exciting? When I'm driving I like to listen to the radio or the cd player. I don't want to talk. When I'm driving, I don't talk all that much to my passenger. I'm keeping my mind on more important things. Like my life and the life of the others on the road with me at the time. So, no cell phone. I have an emergency 911 phone for the truck, but I've found that 911 Dispatchers don't have a lot of time to chat. They're sort of busy. Usually sending an ambulance to the scene of a 10-50 (cop speak for wreck) and a surgical team to remove the cell phone from the driver's behind. But then, it was probably a deer that ran out in front of them...yeah, either that or a cat. Probably Pyewackit. He'll take the blame for almost anything.


Vee said...

I'll be looking for that commercial...I don't watch that much tv, but when I see it again, I'll be seeing with new eyes thanks to your comments.

Cats are very handy. I'm blaming mine for the painting fiasco at my house yesterday. Heck, I just noticed that I even caught her in the shot. :D

Oh...think I ought to add a disclaimer to my Christmas Fair post that nothing in it resembles reality (at least from my house)?????

Have a great weekend, Sandy.

Unknown said...

Amen to the hatred of cell phones. I can't tell you how much it bugs me to see people swerving (and usually speeding, too) down the road with a phone plastered to their ear.

Akelamalu said...

There are some fantastic commercials, as you say better than the programmes. I often wonder though what some commercials are all about because they just don't make any sense at all - Is it just me?? :(

Pam said...

Gorgeous photos of Pye! It's funny because when anything is amiss in our house we typically blame the Siamese. I mean...well, you know. ;)

I'm right with you on the cell phone thing. I have one but I really hate it. I just use it for emergencies or for a quick call gooing to the store "hey, you need anything at such and sucn?" That type of thing. My big peeve right now are those in my office who come in to the bathroom TALKING on their cell phones. Come on people, when I go to the bathroom, I'm not interested in holding a conversation or hearing yours. crazy!

Hope you are staying warm down there Sandi. We're freezing here today in TN.

Maggie May said...

Brilliant cat picture.

I don't like commercials that teach youngsters how to answer back & do awful things to grown ups.

Mobile phones are OK for emergencies or texting but I hate hearing other people's conversations on public transport especially as sometimes several people are talking to different people all around me.

Diva's Thoughts said...

You are right, some of these commercials are really so very irresponsible.

Sweetie said...

Such a sweet kitty. I agree with most of your commentary. There is a sign at a local restaurant that says "when you are done talking on the phone, we will be glad to take your order." I am actually sometimes embarrassed due to loud conversations of others. Great thoughts and great post.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Sandi! I have actually complained about ads before, too, usually when I find them irresponsible or downright distastful, but there are many utterly pointless ones out there too.

One I complained about was an Ikea ad which had a woman babytalking to a froo froo lap dog which she had tucked under her arm, when of her young children called urgently for her from another room. She yelled 'shut up, I'm busy!' very aggressively at the child, then went back to sweet-talking her little pooch. I was just appalled that such behaviour was being endorsed at all, but in such a pointless way? I mean, what was it trying to tell us? I had no clue and still haven't, how it could possibly be relevant to a home furnishing store.

And I've never bought a thing from Ikea since then.

RBK's Realm said...

An excellent post and I agree wholeheartedly with you on all the points you have made specifically the ones relating to the irresponsible commercials by the auto industry. As a mother of a twenty year old sophomore, I worry a lot about the kid's propensity to speed up without these ads making it worse... I agree we do need to be vigilant consumers and protest such ads.

The cell phone aspect is very true.
Living in DC metropolitan area, I have seen crazies txting on the phone or using their blackberries. I have heard bizarre stories which sadly I cannot rule out as fiction because the rat race in the city does really get to folks here... My mantra is defensive driving and just keeping safe distance...

Jeff B said...

"Coming to a store near you. . . The new Butt Phone!"


I honestly never really thought about little Johnny sitting in the easy bake oven that is the family minivan. Good point though.

ancient one said...

Great Post... I hardly ever look at the commercials, but I know the one of the van, but never thought of it like you have... and you are right!

I think you need to do your commercial for the cell phone. But maybe it shouldn't be funny... more real like those commercials telling you what smoking can do to you. I never smoked, but those commercials get my attention!

As for the poor cat getting blamed for the odors, shame on Mac!

Lib said...

Hi Sandi,
Great POst!
Have a great wk.end.

Jeni said...

I need to figure out a subtle way for my older daughter to read this post -in particular, the driving while applying makeup and talking on the cell phone! She already has a lead foot and doesn't need anything else to be a distraction from her driving, that's for sure! The last time she drove me to Pittsburgh for one of my many doctor visits there (130 plus miles, one way) when I came home, I made the younger daughter swear that she would never, ever, force me to make that ride with the older daughter only, every again! I was an absolute nervous wreck the entire ride, down and back!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I agree with all you said.

What a sweet little kitten. To sweet to take the blame...LOL...Have a great weekend my friend...m...

Lee said...

Good post, Sandi! I'm with you on everything here. And I'll add that I can't stand car sales men who believe those stupid ads and try to sell women cars with expensive frills instead of practical stuff. I really hope they don't start selling cars with cell phone hookups pre-installed.

And Mac owes Pye a nice can of tuna for taking the blame so often. :)


Carver said...

Maybe I need a cat to blame everything on, ha. I enjoyed this post and I agree that the commercial are sometime better than the show which is pretty weird. Then again I've heard the budgets for some commercials are more than for some shows. What a strange world we live in.

NeereAnDear said...

GOOD STUFF HERE... love the one about pulling the finger LOL

And the kitty ... why of course you have to blame it on them...
who else LOL


PS I FINALLY DID A POST... I know you were looking for new stuff



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Really enjoyed your post Sandi and agree with you too. Yougsters do not need encouragement to drive as fast as possible - but do need to see for themselves the possible consequences of speeding. As for putting make up on whilst driving, there was just such a case here in the UK recently - don't remember the amount of the fine but do know that she was ridiculed which may have had more effect!

And use of cell phones whilst driving or anywhere else is an irritation to me too. I resisted one for years and finally succumbed when I was travelling alone from UK to Australia. It was a good way of letting loved ones know, by text, that I had "landed" at whichever airport (bearing in mind time zones). But I rarely use it as a phone and only for texting on occasions. I find them just too intrusive!! I think it may be a good idea for women to carry one if making any journey alone. But definitely never whilst driving! Sorry I seem to have rambled on!

Loved the photo of your pretty cats - but who could blame them for anything!

A x

Jodie Adams said...

You crack me up. Nick was looking over at me wondering why I am laughing at the computer. True about the ads!!

RiverPoet said...

I can't stand it when someone who almost ran into me gives me the dirty look while continuing their cell phone conversation. GAH!

I don't like talking while driving, either. It distracts me, and I don't like to be distracted while hurtling down the freeway in a big hunk of metal.

Just seems unsafe somehow ;-)

Peace - D

Janice said...

My pet peeve with cell phones now is all those stupid ring tones. We had big controversy at work with all the annoying ringtones, many going off w/ customers in the store. Some of my coworkers use 20-30+ hours of cell phone time per month. We have tracfone - prepaid service & only use it when we need it. Works for us & I don't have a huge monthly bill like everyone else.

cheshire wife said...

Commercials over glamourise everything and the biggest culprit of glamourisation is around the corner and you can not blame Christmas on the cat.

Sally said...

Oh, I agree with everything you wrote, Sandi. That commercial has bugged me from day one. And, the cell phone issue; I have one but only for emergencies in the car or, since I'm on dial-up for the internet, if someone needs me. Other than that, I'm not one to use it much.

Many times I've been shopping, and think someone has spoken to me only to find out they're talking into the ear pieces. Also, when I was working parttime as a cashier, there were numerous occasions when the customer and I didn't exchange ONE word because they'd be yakking on their cell. It can be a really rude world sometimes.

I hope you're enjoying a good weekend. :)

Theresa said...

Oh how true, we often blame our cat sam for being the one who messes up our house.

I remember that mayo commercial- always found it funny.

One of my favorite commercial came this year during the super bowl with budwiser. A gorgeous clydesdale didn't make the pulling team, and a dog trained him "rocky" style, to make the team next year.

Jeanne said...

Somehow I've missed that one. But I mostly watch hockey so don't get a lot of those commercials. When we do watch on broadcast we tape it then fast forward through the commercials. Did an Oliver post for ya Sandi. : )

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I've never had a cat to blame... I guess kids and second choice.

DogLover said...

"When I'm driving, I don't talk all that much to my passenger. I'm keeping my mind on more important things. Like my life and the life of the others on the road with me at the time."

Good on you, kid! Pity everyone doesn't copy you.

Janice said...

I've been tagged to tell 6 random things about myself and now I'm tagging you. Just go to my page to check it all out.

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Hahaha that's a great commercial! Don't get to see too many like that here!
Thanks for sharing! x

Lavinia said...

I applaud your highly responsible attitude toward driving, and I wish everyone on the road felt exactly as you do. Sadly, one need not be on the road for more than five minutes before one witnesses true 'boneheadedness'.

Recently read an article in the paper about a young man who habitually drove too fast on his motorcycle. Racked up the speeding tickets. Then in an odd twist of fate, was killed, but not while driving. His father was speaking of those motorcycle days with sentiment and pride (?!) and saying that the high speeds his son drove, posed no risk to anyone other than his son. Well, I have to disagree and disagree most vehemently.

Reckless drivers pose a severe risk to every other individual on the road who unfortunately comes into their immediate vicinity!

Jan said...

Oh my good gracious, you made me laugh with your idea for a commercial! I wanna see that one!
We blame the dogs for everything around here...smelly or not! They are very good at stealing loaves of bread off the counter when no one is looking. We haven't quite figured out which one is doing it, but when a loaf of bread is missing we just have to open the back door and there is the empty wrapper! I know...quite leaving the bread on the counter!!!

david mcmahon said...

Definitely time for a CAT scan!

Justabeachkat said...

Poor Pye! I think pets everywhere get blamed for that particular odor! LOL

Great post.


Bronwyn said...

I love the beautiful photograph at the top of your blog.

Your "feet hit the floor" comment in your profile made me burst out laughing. :-)

It's illegal in Australi)a to use a mobile 'phone (cellphone, handset) while driving.

Anonymous said...

My fav. at the moment is an animated Panda named Vinnie, He is lounging back in a comfy chair with a pack of buscuits on his ample tummy. He says in a 'one a da boys' accents that these 'buiskwits' are great, togo and buy some and to say 'that Vinnie sent you.'

There is a programme that is very popular over here called 'Top Gear' the presenters are three grown men acting like idiotic petrol heads. Each week they take a car and drive the thing to extinction, they banter about the fun of speed and lots of technical stuff I don't understand or want to. One of them almost killed himself in a terrible accident but is now back on the show doing ever more silly stuff.
And there are commercials, still, to try and get us to buy $30.000 worth of car, that can go o-60mph in 6 seconds with top speed of 120 mph. Why? There are 70 mph speed limits everywhere, and there is also a reccession bordering on full blown depression.

We once saw a woman in Texas, putting on mascara whilst driving on a motorway.

Daisy said...

Hi Sandi, thank you so much for your comment on my post that David from authorblog posted! I couldn't agree more about the adverts, and blaming the pets, although in my case it was always a dog!

Denise said...

Too many commercials treat us like we are stupid! I sure do hate them..... Love the picture and the story..

Have a blessed Thanksgiving

Justabeachkat said...

Stop by when you get a chance...I've got some awards for you sweet friend.

Happy Sunday!


Aunt Julie said...

I've been liking the Peyton Manning ads recently. But you know, I would NEVER blame the cat! My girls are coming home for Turkey Day, and we're so excited! Only one down side to the visit...their cats will be sleeping with THEM and not US, and it's been so cold recently!

Oman said...

poor cat lols. but i guess its better them than a family rift lols. a little white lie won't hurt. have a great week ahead sandi.

Lee said...

Congratulations on making David's Post of the Day list. Well deserved!


French Fancy... said...

Aw, Sandi, your Pye is gorgeous. I don't bother much with tv these days - we have both French and English television but we prefer to watch DVDs. Well, actually, these days I have to be dragged away from all these wonderful blogs.

Thanks by the way for mentioning Poppy on David's blog. You and I have the same attitude towards animals, I think. If I read or hear something awful that doesn't have Poppy's happy ending, it can haunt me. I'll get really down thinking about it over and over again. It's dreadful, truly terrible some of the things that go on. But what can we do?

Great blog by the way, I'll be back...often :)

Cheffie-Mom said...

Super post Sandi. What adorable cats you have, they look so cozy. (: Enjoy your Thanksgiving week.

Dr.John said...

Well unless Congress acts you won't have the American car industry to kick around anymore. If they don't act I'll just have to blame the cat.

SandyCarlson said...

I hear you on all of the above! Good grief. The ad people are as short-sighted as the spoiled children whose follies they seek to turn into a cash crop.

I agree that many of the commercials are better than the ads. I like them because I understand them, for the most part--unlike the Superbowl, which I can't claim to understand at all!

i beati said...

Great music for sure- the thing is my cats are breaking everything - some young kittens noone wants..

Susie Q said...

Yes!! I love having one near by for an emergency or if I NEED it but most seem to use them ALL the time...and while driving...sheesh!

Our pets are always being blamed for something...but poor Henry is usually into something!!


Mima said...

I think that my house must be the exception, here my cat gets away with everything! She is so pampered & adored that everything is done for her, and I don't think anyone would dare blame anything on her majesty!

Anonymous said...


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