Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Damn the Weatherman, Full Speed ahead!

I want to thank Deb over at for this lovely award for my story about Digby. It's called the A Beautiful Heart Award and I feel honored for our Digby that she has thought of me for this. I would love to pass it on to Teresa at Living the Life ( for her loving care of people and animals that enter her life either by accident or design. She has a beautiful heart for sure.

I'd like to award it to Lee at Chrysalis Dreams ( ) who has thrown herself into Christian Life and is uplifting others through her example.

I would also like to award it to Seamus at who shows us his warm caring side with every photo of the domestic and wildlife he feeds and takes such pleasure in. These are my top three, although each and everyone of you deserve it, I'm sure. Again Deb, thank you. And now on to my Weekend Wandering answer for this week. My first, or I'm mistaken.

You know David McMahon over at Authorblog does this Weekend Wandering (for wont of a better word) Suggestion, meaning he'll throw something out there and ask us to answer the question in our own words. This week the Weekend Wandering question is "When was the last time you complained about the weather?" When was the last time? Well, that lying weatherman is in there right now on the Eyewitness News (Channel 9, Charlotte...the Queen City)...telling us that while yesterday the rain chances for today were 40 % and sorry, but now they are down to 30% and how Doppler Radar (pinpoint accuracy my arse) always gets it right...well if the Doppler got it right yesterday why was it that Monday the rain chances for today (Wednesday) was 50%? Seems the closer we get to today in the late afternoon, the less our chances for a simple shower. Apparently a cold front moved in overnight though because it's only going to get up to 92 degrees today. How lucky are we? Well, the past week it's been over 100 degrees with 103 being the highpoint of Monday's weathercast. We went to Hartsville Monday so we could go to Lowe's to get the quik set for the fence posts before the rain we were supposed to get on Tuesday (which changed to Wednesday in the blink of an eye). While there (and mind you we were only thirty miles from home) it rained so hard that they CLOSED DOWN THE GARDEN DEPARTMENT AND LOCKED THE BIG GATES! Yes, they did! It poured for like fifteen minutes and Mac looked at me and said "I hope we're getting this at home." "From your mouth to God's Ear," I answered, all the while knowing that we would be lucky to get one of those "the devil's beating his wife" showers. You know those, not a cloud in the sky but suddenly rain falls out of nothing and the sun is shining. So we finally get loaded and head back home and it's raining all the way to the county line when what do my wondering eyes perceive? Why, dry pavement. No rain puddles. No wet patches in the highway...just bone dry pavement with heat oasis's shimmering upon the surface. Doppler Radar...I've got your Doppler right here!


Lee said...

Thanks, Sandi! I love this one, first because I love flowers, second because of the reason you gave it to me for, and third because it came from You, my friend!

Hang in there girl, we've only got 3 months of this before the temperatures get bearable again.

Hugs!!! & Joy!

Vee said...

;D Oh-oh, that weatherman had better watch out!

They don't get it right here either, if it's any consolation.

Also, it's 98° here in the north country so we're all in this together. I know. It never makes me feel any better when someone tells me that we're all in this together either.

I'll pray for some rain for you folks or do a little rain dance...which do you prefer?

i beati said...

wow I'm in Fl don't have that !!!ouch.

Jeanne said...

Good one Sandi. Too easy for me to answer, the last few days with this nasty heat. Congrats on the award, you deserve it sister!

windycorner said...

Oh Sandi-you must have been fit to be tied. It's so hot now that unless there's lots of rain, it just evaporates before it can sink in. The best we can hope for is to catch one of the "scattered thunderstorms" that have started popping up. When was the last time I complained about the weather? How about when was the last day I didn't. It's TOO hot!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They have been calling for rain here for days and not one drop...It is 80 here at the moment..mary

Jeni said...

Yeah, it's been hotter than Hades up "north" too (here in Central PA). Please tell me your forecaster at that station does his own forecasts though and that it isn't forecasts being purchased from my former employer, AccuWeather! I'd hate to think that their accuracy rating is that far down the tubes.
I swore, back during the nasty winter months, that come summer, regardless of how hot it gets, I am not gonna bitch cause at least it's not costing us an arm and a leg -yet -for fuel oil. That is, if we still have any of those appendages left after this past winters fuel prices, come to think of it!

Sandi McBride said...

The weather appears to be like anything else, think your weather is bad? Wait a minute...there are at least ten others with worse weather stories than yours...Thank God I've not had to contend with tornadoes and floods...there just doesn't seem to be a middle ground here...and with the seasons all different on other parts of the world, no one has a monopoly on bad weather! And we won't even begin to talk about earthquakes,tidal waves and volcanoes! Thanks for joining in y'all.

Donna said...

I think they'd do better if they just went outside occassionally!!hughugs

Lib said...

We had that type rain yesterday, downpour all around us, not a drop here:o(
Have a great day!

merry weather said...

Here is good weather for plants, and small children - really sunny then suddenly puddles everywhere to splash in.

I feel for you, I hate it when it's so dry the ground cracks - dusty grey everywhere.

(If I was the weatherman over at yours I would be blushing!)

Thanks a million for your nice remarks at mine, much appreciated! Sorry I'm a snail, will try harder :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, tee, hee, snort!
I know just how you feel, but our weather problems come in the reverse of yours.
Whenever our guy says there's a slight chance of a rain shower, we get one. Slight my rear end! We've had gully washers when he says "slight chance." If he says any chance over 30%, we know to have our umbrellas on hand.
Also, when he says the words "severe weather" more than twice in one segment, we know to get ready for some tornadic weather.

LivingTheLife said...

Thank you my sweet friend for the are much, much too kind...but I do so appreciate it and you.

We could use some rain,'s hot...but all in's has been so windy...but, I guess that helps with the heat...even though it keeps the ole' skirt blowing up over my head...and lawzy mercy...that isn't a sight I want too many to see! Skirts...who wears those??? It does remind me of a autograph that I found in my mom's annual when I was a young read "to a gal who always wears full skirts...may the wind keep blowing"! I thought that was so funny...but was a bit disturbed that someone would write that in my very shy, very demure, very's annual...shocking! Hmmmm...guess mom and all the old folks that were her friends were a little more normal than I ever considered them to be.


Mima said...

Sandi the weather man has a lot to answer for, but I would love some of your hot weather just for a couple of days. It is mid summer, and believe it or not the sun is actually out today, but I am lying in bed with bed socks and a cardigan on, and horror of all horrors a hot water bottle. Please could it get just a little bit warmer!!

david mcmahon said...

You're always on my radar, Sandi.

How's Mac going?

ancient one said...

Hahahahaahhaa...loved this post! I so get your weatherman and this heat and no rain...and doppler are just too funny!!

Oh yeah, I learned something new... I didn't know about the devil beating his wife showers... but I know what they are and I will never forget what you called them...LOL

loong said...

hello ,i'm a chinese.we have been calling for rain in china for days and not one droptoo