Wednesday, March 26, 2008


First of all I want to thank all of you for your concern about Mac. I have discovered that what my mother always said, may be the hard down don't listen. They don't listen to their wives, their mothers or even their own bodies. Mac's body has been telling him "take it easy, don't push yourself to the edge" and did he listen? No, in fact the more I and his body nagged him, the more he tried to do. So, tonight I am looking for my handcuffs (hey, get your mind out of there, I used them in a professional capacity in Law Enforcement. Tonight I find myself in the position of once again, being the Law. Having determined that they may be a handy tool to keep Mr. McBride attached to his chair, his computer or the porch...(I haven't made my mind up on the location as yet), cuffed he will be. Today he pushed himself to the point of exhaustion, yet again. How hard is it to sit down and drink a glass of tea and recoup from hard work? Will I give up? No. Will he learn to listen? I doubt it. Will I drag his carcass to the hospital if I feel it is necessary? You can bet your bottom dollar. He has now retired to bed, having heard enough of my "hissy fit". Every Southern Woman and quite a few of you Yankee women know what a hissy fit consists of. Getting your way. Being no shrinking violet, I find the hissy fit comes in handy on certain occasions. This is one of them. I'll keep you informed.

After my post on the young lady who was being sexually harassed at work, I found to my dismay that nearly everyone of you had some experience with this problem. I said dismay, not surprise. Not even shock. The irony of it is I should have been shocked that most of you had encountered this in your own life. The pity of it is that in an enlightened society such as ours has become, women are still discriminated against. It gives me pride to know that I am married to a man who not only respects me, he protects me and in any situation , has my back. I know that if any of you witness something that in your eyes is wrong, you will speak up to whoever in authority is forced to listen. Somehow, I have a feeling you are all looking for that opportunity to correct a wrong.


Sandra Evertson said...

Sending you good wishes!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

I am always up for a trip =) one dayI am going to travel and help my friends for free hehe.
Stay on that husband and make him behave.
Thanks for the sweet comments.
Hugs, Brenda

david mcmahon said...

Mac, mate,

If you don't listen to Sandi and take it easy, you might get another cracked jaw!!

Seriously, buddy, put your feet up ....

LivingTheLife said...

Yes...we Southern Gals...know how to throw a "hissy fit"...I find that some days just call for a grand stand such as the ever impactful "hissy fit"...I must say...I've been known to throw a few of those a time or two...along with whatever may be at arms reach! Tell Mac...that this southern gal says to "snap out of it" and give himself a much needed break...or he'll wind up with a lot more problems than he can even imagine. He just thinks being hand-cuffed is tough...remind him of that "vice" tool I spoke of the other day! He'll get the point...I'm sure of it!

Oh!! you are so right with the women out here in blog land looking for a good reason to come to the aid of any damsel in know half of us gals are either going through menopause or need some type of heavy John Q. doesn't want to mess w/us! Just sayin~

Blessings and take care...

Jeni said...

My kids can attest to the fact that Yankee women can pitch a very strong "hissy fit" too! They've all been on the receiving end of mine more than a time or two. How effective they are or were -sometimes I'm not too sure -but they can't ever say I didn't warn em about various factors along life's well-worn road.

The harassment factors though -boy, if even just a few of us here in bloggerland got together, I betcha we could pull together one hell of a book of stories to show different ways people harass, especially -or particularly -in the workforce.

Everything Stops for Tea said...

Whilst I was at school I had to put up with a lot of harrassment whilst I was in my CDTechnology class (I was the only girl) until my course work was stapled to the workbench, I saw red when this happened and I took it upon myself to grab the little b concerned, threw him across the bench and threatened to staple a certain part of his anatomy to the bench should he or any of his mates harrass me again (in front of the teacher - who was rather shocked I might add - lovely teacher, but rather ineffectual at sorting the harrassment out) I didn't have any more problems after that... So us demure english ladies are just as prone to a hissy fit (otherwise known in Liverpool as "throwing a wobbler")!!!

Tell Mr Mac, to behave himself or he'll have me and my stapler to deal with!

Mary said...

Hi Sandi
hope Mac is feeling OK today.

Unknown said...

Oh I can throw a good hissy fit!hehehe.
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Have a great day.
Sandy :)

Merisi said...

If you'd live here in Vienna, I'd say park him at Demel's, that not being the case, I recommend a time sheet which he has to follow. Otherwise handcuffs every day it will be. ;-)
Seriously, why can't men sit down and take a rest like the rest of us? (Come to think of it, - mental note -, need to sit down soon!)

Christine Boles said...

You go, girl~ chain him to the chair!
I know exactly what a hissy fit is, and I would've had one, too, had I been in your position!

Mima said...

Its been a long time since I threw a hissy fit, but it sounds as if Mac resoundingly deserved one - it you are supposed to be resting its for a reason, but the handcuffs sound like a good idea!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

yes mam, I know all about those hissy fits. Once in a snit because my husband who is a diabetic, insulin dependent, passes out from low blood sugar kind of diabetic would not listen to me. I made an appointment with his dr. for myself just to talk. Did a world of good. That dr. called my DH up and jumped all over him for not listening to me. I am so in tuned to his body it's not funny. ~ Lynn

Vee said...

I've been here before earlier in the day, got interrupted, sat under your window all through said interruption, came back and removed myself from under your window...your site meter is going to have crazy numbers on me. Oh well!

Good thing you practiced just this week on speaking up with authority because it appears that you are going to have to do it again for an even better reason. Why is Mac pushing himself so? Is he in some sort of denial? In some sort of a rush?

Yes, I do feel ready to speak up if need be. Did you happen to watch
last night's 20-20? I thought of you as I watched knowing full well that you would've spoken up!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I wouldn't argue with you that's for sure!
It is all through love.

Unknown said...

You keep Mac in line Sandi! LOL I hope he's doing okay and I read your last post and I say good for you. Hope you are doing well and thanks for all the well wishes for my new little grandbaby. Take care.

Justabeachkat said...

Yep, I'm a champ at throwing hissy fits. Don't mess with me or you'll be sorry. LOL George can tell by the look in my eyes when one is coming. And being the smart man he is, he does the right thing (in other words, what I say is right.) LOL

Take care of Mac. Don't loose the key though.


Carol said...

Hehe cuffing up your Mac...
My hub had to hand his back when he retired from the police - shame - they would have come in very handy!
I was sexually harassed at one job...he was an ex-police would you believe - he should have known better! he needless to say was 'asked' to leave his post - I often wonder why.
The other sad thing is that is put my hub - who was still serving at the time in a very akward position...he was very angry. I was not upset just sad as I had to leave this job and I did like it there - other than him...he did let me bring my dog to work with me which was great.
Huggers unite!
Carol xx

smilnsigh said...

I'm up here in Yankee Land, but I most certainly know what a hissy fit is! And use it often.

Men... -shakes head- And just to make you feel *even better,* it never changes. You'll have to employ hissy fits on some of his actions, forever! Yish...

Miss Mari-Nanci
{I love that term for older women! But can't get Yankees to call my by it. -pooh-}

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Good for you on making that hubby slow down. They do not take care of themselves & I'm convinced that's why they have nag them occasionally.


Adla said...

Hi Sandi... I haven't had the chance to read your blog in awhile and boy have I missed out on alot! Hope Mac gets better and go easy with the handcuffs girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from Alabama but live in Michigan these days. I had not heard the phrase "hissy fit" in years! Oh, how fun!

Cookie Sunshine

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm teleporting you my Hillbilly Man Tamer that I received from a blog buddy I met this past summer in Kentucky. You can whack Mac on the head with it whenever he needs to rest.
Here's a link to a photo of me holding the Man Tamer when Rachel gave it to me:
Hillbilly Man Tamer

Mac you better behave!!!!!!

Carol said...

Hi Sandi,
Just popped in to say Goodnight!
Carol x

San said...

Hissy fits. I know all about them, Sandi. And this was a good hissy fit to pitch. Glad you got Mac to take it easy.

Susie Q said...

Good for you Sandi...and if you need any help with those hissy fits, well, I have been told I am quite expert at throwing one. : )
Mac!! You listen to Sandi and behave yourself you hear??
Bill is so this way too and I can yell and nag and wheedle with the best of 'em.
So, be good and do what Sandi says!!!


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