Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Visitation

This has been such an eventful week that I wonder where to begin my my narrative. So I will begin at the beginning. As you know we started out last week with the most wonderful news, the birth of our grandson Edgar Lawrence McBride. The day was not the best for me healthwise, but heartwise it was wonderful. After learning that I had cellulitis in my right foot and began treatment, on Wednesday the problem was no better, in fact worse. Mac bundled me into the truck and we headed to the Emergency Room Department at Carolina Pines in Hartsville (SC). I was seen by a surgeon who admitted me immediately. On Thursday I went into surgery where they did cleanout of the affected area. When I came out of recovery I knew from Mac's face that the news was not good. The surgeon came in and spoke to us and told us that the partial amputation of my right foot was not only indicated, it was imperative. I agreed and the surgery was set for Friday. I did not sleep much Thursday night, I was not worried, only anxious. I was told how much of my foot was to go, and I knew I had to live with it. But still sleep eluded me. Friday at 6 am they came to take me to surgery. I was so glad that it would start early, knowing that it would be well underway if not a finished procedure by the time Mac arrived at the hospital. When I came to, as they rolled me into my room I was suddenly surrounded by my family and love. The day moved on in slow motion it seemed. I had yet to cry. I am not a big cryer. Friday night, after my family had all gone home and as I lay on the hard framed hospital bed, I lay curled up on my side and drifted in and out of a half sleep. The tv played in the background, something on HGTV, when the first Spirit arrived. The swirling of a warm mist, the face of my mother peered down at me. She was saying something I could not understand, but her gentle hands caressed my face and as she moved away I saw another spirit ready to move in and my grandmother's hands took the place of my mothers and her voice spoke straight to my heart reassuring me that I was not alone, then my mother in law was there, her face brightly lit her hands caressing and loving and she was speaking to me. Finally the fourth spirit moved over me and soft sweet hands stroked my face and neck. I was not asleep. I was wide awake. The Visitation lasted all night. I felt rocked and cuddled in loving arms. arms of the strongest women in my life experience. At six am I fell into a deep and healing sleep. I am well on the road to recovery and the medical staff is amazed at how little pain medication I have had to take. The doctor told me today that they are calling me the Wonder Patient. He says that I will heal better since I am not having to take so much pain medication. So that is what happened to me Friday night. I would not give anything for the experience. God is good.


Lee said...

Sandi, so glad your loving family surrounded you both in spirit and in flesh. May the love of God and family keep you resting in peace, love, and encouragement.
Lee said...

Sandi, you are very blessed. May the Holy Spirit stay with you and caress you forever. Love, Ann xx

Vee said...

My dear friend, what an experience you have had in a week's time. Congratulations on the new baby in the family...a family isn't complete without a little one in it. Then to move on to the next not so happy news...I am trusting God to continue taking care of you. You have one of the most courageous spirits I am blessed to know. Keep looking up!

Hilary said...

Oh Sandi, I'm so sorry you have had to go through this surgery but glad that you are recovering well and feel the love of those when you need it the most. May you continue to heal and be strong. I'll keep you in my best thoughts.

Judy said...

So sorry to hear of your loss...but so encouraged by your whole experience. May God continue to be your strength and comfort as you heal. Congrats on the birth of your grandson!

Merisi said...

Dearest Sandi,
my heart goes out to you! My thoughts are with you and I wish you all the best for the days to come.
Much love,