Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where I've been...and what I've been doing...

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've been in here. Time flies, you know? The book signing went so well that I'm just flabbergasted. This little cutie pie is six years old. Her name is Allie Vaughn and she asked me to sign her book, which she bought with her own money. I took pleasure in personalizing her book for her. This is the picture that appears in the Progressive Journal News. I sold my stock of books and have another book signing on July 20th in Anson County (North Carolina) at 11 a. The day was a joy for me.

But in the mean time, the garden flourishes.

All week before last we weeded and watered, hoed and dusted. We picked the first little batch of beans last Saturday. We had planted Rattlesnake Beans, which are a green bean with purple stripes on them. When you cook them, the purple stripe disappears, and like magic, it's just a green bean. I cooked them with new potatoes that we dug from our container. So good, cooked together. We also cook cabbage and potatoes together. Do you suppose it's the Scots/Irish heritage?

This is what we harvested this morning...the tomatoes are outdoing's Sink Sandwich time for sure!

But enough about the hard work that Mac and I have put in the past two weeks. I am always having to chastise "the Chief" about over doing. This week we had a little scare. Once again I take you to the halls of Wal-Mart. And what have I told you children? When you're not well enough to shop at WalMart, your next stop should be where? So, there we are in WalMart and I'm just picking up a few items that we need (mainly cat food) and I noticed that he was lagging behind. I asked him if he felt alright and was told rather sharply that no, he wasn't. He felt a heaviness in his chest and was short of breath. Now, the day before I spent hours telling him that humidity was to high, he needed to take a break (as I was doing) and come in and cool down. But NOOOOOO, would John Wayne come in just account of a measly heat wave? You don't know how sick I am of John Wayne. Never mind that The Duke has come in from the garden permanently, it does no good to point that out.

So, as we headed out to the parking lot, I tell Mac "you know there's one of two things that can be done right now."
"And that would be?" he asked.
"We stop in at Carolina Pines (hospital) now or you take the $7000 ride later (meaning the ambulance from home...and that's a low estimation on the cost these days). Imagine my surprise when he voluntarily stopped at the ER of Carolina Pines, but actually walked in with me. I knew this couldn't be good.

They ran an EKG, twice. They gave him a blood thinning shot. They checked his b/p (many many times). Then they admitted him for observation. He kept saying that he really needed to go home and the ER Doc finally told him that since he was a captive audience (IV drip already going) he did not feel inclined to let him leave. Good news, it appears that it was definitely heat exhaustion and that now home, he's heeding the advice of the Doctors. In after 11 a. Now, this is the same advice that I have been giving all week. Do I get an M.D. behind my name? No, of course not. I don't even get the joy of having him pay me any attention. Maybe next time!


Love Bears All Things said...

Congratulations on the success of your book. I didn't know it was a children's book.
I'm glad Mac is alright. That is just the way it is with my Honey Bear. He would never admit he was overdoing. Last year, remember, in July, in 100 degree weather, we were putting siding on the chimney. He kept stopping and sitting down. He said he was weak and light headed. I kept bringing out gatorade and sitting down and making him sit down. Men just don't listen.
I missed you. I've popped out your player just to listen to your music while I did other stuff. Now, I have my own.
Mama Bear

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am glad about the outcome of the ER visit. Men never listen to their wives.........

Great job on the book!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Congrats on the great book signing turn out! I am so jealous of your beautiful tomoates. Mine area still small and green.

Glad to hear that Macs problem was not as serious as it could have been! How scary!!

Lee said...

LOL No Sandi, you get a Masters of Common Sense (MCS). Don't ask me why it isn't a doctorate. You know the answer to that one. So glad he's okay! Great post & pics!


Sally said...

Oh! I'm SO glad Mac listened to you, and that he's okay if he follows YOUR orders and the docs of course. You may not have a MD after your name, but you do have a good sense of knowing what to do!!

I am THRILLED about your book, and the response to it. That's wonderful, Sandi!! (((hugs))

Love the pics too!!

Everything Stops for Tea said...

Poor Mac, at least it wasn't anything that being sensible can't put right! Well done with the book success!!!

Sarah x

Terri Steffes said...

Sandi! I didn't know about your book! I am going to order a copy myself. Will you sign it for me?

I am so glad to hear from you. I can see you have been really busy!

Nessa said...

Congratulations on the success of your booking signing. The picture is adorable.

When will our husbands learn we are always right? It would save so much wasted energy. I am glad he is ok.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

So good to hear that the book signing went so well...I hope there are many more. And as an author and an "MD" you take the number 1 place...great job! <3

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

It is so good to hear from you again!! That's too long to let us wait, but it sounds like you've been experiencing marvelous things (book signing and sweet little people) and a big scare (hubby). Take care now.

Nancy said...

Congrats on the book signing tour. And also for having a husband that is okay.

Those tomatoes are unbelievable!

Jeni said...

Good for you on the book signing and also, more importantly too, that you got Mac to stop by Carolina Pines and save the money that would have been going for the expensive ambulance ride! Hopefully, he'll behave -at least for a while.
Those tomatoes look absolutely luscious! Wish I could join you with a sandwich here too!

Maggie May said...

So glad that it wasn't anything too serious (lasting problem I mean)

Congratulations on the book signing! Good for you!

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness you're a famous author now Miz Sandi. That is such a cute picture at your book signing. So happy for you.

Vee said...

You're such a skilled communicator, Sandi! So glad that Mac listened to you and that he is on the mend now. That heat business is no good...and the humidity...oh boy. Take care now and lie low...well, except for when you're hanging over the sink eating those scrumptious sandwiches with the juicy tomatoes inside.

Love the picture, Sandi. May have loved it just a little bit too much. ;>

Akelamalu said...

If our men listened sooner to what we told them they would save themselves a lot of trouble wouldn't they Sandi?

Crikey those tomatoes are monsters!

Finding Pam said...

I am so happy for you and the success of your book. That is just awesome news! Nice photo too.

My hubs does the same thing in the hot weather. They think they are invincible don't they?

Your tomatoes are beautiful. Ours do not look so hot, but the green beans, lady cream peas,radishes have been wonderful. It has been so hot in east Texas that even with watering it is futilte.

Yall take care now. I am glad you are back. Pam

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Congratulations on the book singings, you must be thrilled. re your husband and advice - mine is like a recalcitrant teenager when given advice. Cheeses me off no end so I tell him, you don't take the medication, don't moan to me about the symptoms. He can take charge of his health antime as long as he takes responsibility for the consequences! That usually shuts him up!

Unknown said...

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Donna said...

I'm SO GLAD he listened to you!!! 'Bout Time! You just Never know! $7000 ride is RIGHT!

The tomato looks Wonderful...right over the sink!Hahaa...

She will Never forget you for making her signing so special!! You're a Special Care about your fans! I've been to several book signings where the author could have cared Less about signing your book...sad.
Happy day Darlin'!
PS-You were missed!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Mac is one HOT dude!! Tee Hee! I'm so glad he agreed to get checked over and that he recovered from the heat exhaustion.

Your garden bounty is incredibly!! Those tomatoes look better than the ones we get from our farmer's market.

I am SO proud of you and the success of your book!!!!!
You look terrific! I'm sure that little girl will cherish the book with your personalized note and signature.


Enjoy your weekend, Sandi.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Congratulations on the successful book signing Sandi. Sounds great!

I know what it is to convince someone to come indoors before 11 and not go out again until late in the day.
I overheard a phone conversation about lawn mowing, that did not sound good at all. Someone is taking care of that for the next week or two and I hope for the summer!!

He really is captive, now. We're at the lake for two weeks. I hope these super hot days are over in a few days, at least for awhile. That's what Weatherbug has predicted.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol Murdock said...

Sandi! It's about time you reported in! JK :D !
Congrats on the sellout! WHOOPEE!

You may have Duke, I have Rambo and I've been preaching to the choir! My Granny used to say;

" the same mule that kicked one, kicked em all"

Glad Duke's OK!

Anya said...

You are a writer,
I didn't now .....
Its fantastic :)

I have tomatoes in my garden but they are not so big ^__^

Have a nice sunday !!

Anya :)
Kareltje =^.^=

Merisi said...

Oh Sandi, I was so relieved when I read about the positive outcome of John Wayne's little ER excursion! Darn the swagger, he needs to heed to the M(D)isses!!!!

Sink sandwiches, here I come!
There nothing better than a BLT sandwich (with sinfully white bread, pleease) when the tomatoes are ripe!

Italians like to mix green beens and tomatoes too: boil them, then mix them with a little olive oil and salt, add fresh minced parsley by the handful. Heaven! It is permissible to add a few tomato slices, even zucchini, boiled, with a little crunch left.

Another of my favorite summer meals are fresh tomato and pasta. I had them the first time while at the beach between Rome and Naples with friends: In the morning, slice the tomatoes, mix them in a bowl with olive oil and whole basil leaves. Cover, let them stand, go to the beach. When you come back at noon, boil a pot of Ziti pasta, drain them, mix hot pasta and the tomato mixture. Add salt if needed, lots more basil leaves and some crushed garlic cloves if you like (you don't add the garlic in the morning because with olive oil and raw garlic standing around there is danger of botulism). You may also add cubes fresh mozzarella (fresh! not that firm stuff that masquerades as such).
Bon appetit!

i beati said...

yummy going to get a book from my grandaughter and me - I can taste those veggies yummsandy

jay said...

Oh, how exciting to have your own book signing AND sell all your stock! Congratulations! You look great, too!

So glad to hear that Mac went to the hospital for tests and it proved to be nothing too much. I mean, I do know that heat exhaustion is nothing to take lightly, but it could have been so much worse! At least it's treatable. ;)

Mary said...

So pleased nothing serious with Mac please give him my best wishes and tell him to obey his wife in future!! Looking forward to reading the book and I.m sure its going to be a best seller. I am giung to post this week definately as i feel I may have something to say!!!

bj said...

Your fresh, handgrown veggies are just out of this world. So lovely and I know, delicious!! I justs love veggie gardens.
So glad he is ok...heat can do a number on us!!
I can't keep my eyes off the pic of the man in uniform and the lovely little lady beside him.."I'll write to you everyday", she said....It looks so much like my dad..I have photos almost just like this one, with the olden house in the background...the old car...uh oh...memories are flooding and tears are sure to come..
Thanks for a great post...
xo bj

bj said...

I just read your Cloud neat. I just LOVE your writings..just signed up to follow..don't know how I missed doing it before. So many blogs..not nearly enuf time.!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Sandi, your veggies look fantabulous. I cook beans and potatoes together too with a little ham seasoning. You must email and tell me how you grow potatoes in a container. Taters' have to be my all time favorite. My meals revolve around what potato dish we are having. Now....I am so happy Mac is feeling better. I know how frustrating guys can be. For years, I have been telling Bobby G. about one certain thing that I am positive is not good for you...but did he ever hear me? nooooo. Then last week he gets an email from some friend of a friend of a friend, that basically says the same thing I have been preachin' about for years. And lo and behold he cuts it out of his diet .... just like that. Go figure...xo Lynn

San said...

Sandi, I'm so glad that Mac's issue wasn't more serious. AND that he listened to you.

Wow, those tomatoes are luscious!!!

And you, my dear, look so beautiful there, signing the book for your fan. CONGRATULATIONS on your sales!

SandyCarlson said...

I hope he is better soon! Life is so fragile. I am glad you are enjoying its abundance from your garden and through your book. I hope the Duke is on his horse again soon.

larkswing said...

Heat is such a hazardous thing! Glad that is all it was. ..What a sweet book signing picture, and oh do those garden delights look good!

Tara said...

Whew--at least he's ok, so happy for you about the book!

��Radio Mihalis Thalassis - Athens Greece said...

Good Week Good morning, hello, Michael

Deanna Bland Hiott PhD, MSN, RN said...

The book signing looks so amazing! I'm so sorry Mac had to go to the hospital but so glad he listened to you...Don't you love being right?

Deb said...

Glad to hear the Mac is doing okay - I don't understand why men have a hard time listening to us especially since we are always right!

I love the book signing picture ~ congrats!

And those tomatoes - just gorgeous!


Pam said...

That pink looks so lovely on you! and look at those tomatoes...gorgeous.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Sandi, hi, I'm back. I love the huge tomatoes in the photo. I hope that 'the Chief' continues to take it easy now that he had the little setback.
I have given you an award over at Oasis Writing Link (OWL) blog. When you can, come over and visit so we can get acquainted better. <3

Saz said...

Sandy thanks so much for your very kind and supportive words today!! I was so proud to be a winer alongside Erin....

and your book looks great come payday l think l'll be must try and persuade Mum (moannie) to get hers dusted off again, written when we were kids..they are really great...but then would say that!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you visit my blog and follow me. Your's so nice and I'm follow you, too.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congratulations on the book signing! So exciting! And I'm so happy Mac is ok. enJOY your day!

Dr.John said...

I love those tomatoes . We have two little green ones so far.
This heat has been very hard on a lot of us.
Glad he is feeling better.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am so Glad Mac is doing better and that it was not his heart. The tomatoes make me wish I could grab one and a eat it. Yummy....m..

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

You tell Uncle we all prefer him well hydrated and happily healthy. No heat exhaustion allowed. Geez. And those tomatoes look too good to be true. You show many more pictures of those and I'll be planning a trip to your house for the summer. lol

LOVE that you have a book out. Can't wait to order it!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

And men. Good Lord. When will they all learn to listen to their wives? I'm glad he's okay!

And those tomatoes... that is just mean. Mean and hateful. I now want a BLT in the absolute worst way!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh Sandi, I sat here reading this with my heart sitting up in my throat. Shame on Mac for overdoing it, and thank goodness he was willing to go be seen.


Congrats on the success of your book!! How exciting to see you signing like a celebrity!!

and I'm sooooo jealous of that beautiful crop-- if I lived closer you'd be needing some Jeri netting or jeri spray to keep me away.

Merisi said...

Congratulations on David's Post of the Day Award! :-)

Mickle in NZ said...

Oh Sandi, at least Mac is now behaving himself. I'm lucky that my dear Dad is sensible over the Summer months here and does the outdorr work in the morning or evening.

Over here we also have very fierce sunlight to contend with, and a way to high skin cancer rate.

The tomatoes look magnificent. I love a good new potato - but you can keep the cabbage. Is just way too fibreous for my innards. i never like it cooked but i do miss a really good coleslaw.

Never mind, there are many foods I can eat, and the restrictions have made me into a keen cook.

And I'll dare to tell you that the ambulance service in Wellington is FREE.

Keep enjoying the wonderful food from your garden,

huggles to you and strokes and cudles to the cats,

Michelle and Zebbycat,

xxx and patient pretend sleeping from Zeb as he waits for me to join him in bed.

Unknown said...

Congrats Sandi:

1. For POTD Contender!

2. For having published a book someone wants you to authgraph!

3. For having gotten John Wayne to walk to the doc instead of being driven in an ambulance!


Carver said...

Congratulations on the book and I'm so glad the book signing went well. I love your shots and the tomatoes look delicious. I'm glad the ER visit wasn't any worse than it was and I hope he'll heed the docs advise. The weather has been really awful heat wise. No way I'm out working in my garden during the heat of the day.

Hilary said...

Those tomatoes are amazing. I'm glad Mac is OK. That had to be scary for both of you. Congrats on the success of your signing. :) That little girl is a cutie.

Justabeachkat said...

Congrats on the successful book signing. Darling photof of you, I might add.

Oh how I wish I had one of your tomatoes right night so I could have me a wonderful tomatoes sandwich for lunch!!! Yum oh. Have one for me, okay?

What a scare with Mac! Tell John Wayne to behave himself or else....


Diva's Thoughts said...

Men are so stubborn. I am glad he'll be just fine.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm back. Congrats on the Post of the Day mention!

granny grimble said...

Congratulations on your book signing. I hope you sold lots and lots. Do you write or illustrate, or do you do both? I am so interested as my daughter Lynne is a children's book illustrator who also writes. Perhaps you'd like to give her blog site a visit if you have time.

I am so relieved that Mac is OK now. Why are men so obstinate where their health is concerned. I've been there, and I expect most wives have too!

cheshire wife said...

Well done on the book signing and POTD!

I hope that Mac has learnt his lesson. Pleased that it turned out to be not too serious.

Sharon Rose said...

This is my first visit to your blog. What a lovely blog you have. I will be back for many more visits.

Thanks for stopping by Dances With God and reading my post.
Congratulations on your book signing(s).
Those tomatoes look delicious! And by the way, do you ever eat those plums green? If you like sour, and have never tried them, it makes my tongue slap my brain, I love them so much!

One Nurse said...

This is my first time here~ I have really enjoyed my time getting to know you through your blog.
Thanks for stopping my Heart Beats of Faith.
Congrats on your book. It sounds very interesting! Your gardens are also very beautiful! North Carolina, is one of my favorite places to visit! It is so beautiful there!!
Glad to hear that they only had to keep Mac for 24 hours! Maybe he should add MD behind your name for you since you take such good care of him (meaning, "My Dear"). However that doesn't change the pay at all! LOL

Sandi McBride said...

I have to laugh, I loved this post ...and you know, I don't watch any of the reality shows...I want actors and actresses to be paid to entertain me! Great post, anyway lol!

Brian Miller said...

makes me hungry for tomato sandwiches! glad all are home and well. congrats on the POTD mention!

Shrinky said...

Sandi, I had no idea you had a book out - many, many congratulations, your family must be so proud!

Oh, thank heavens Mac has you to keep him safe - darn men think they will never drop, don't they? Give him a hug from me.

(Those tomatoes of yours look as though the belong at the top of Jack's beanstock..)

Unknown said...

Sandi....How wonderful that you got rid of all those books. The photo is beautiful. I'm happy to read your hubby is fine. I miss stopping here. I need a few more hours in each day!!


Beth P. said...

Congrats on the book signing...and on those amazing tomaters! We're just now getting past frost danger...long way from Sink Sandwiches. But the fun is in the journey!

Glad Mac was 'just' exhausted. If men listened to us, we'd rule the world. What's so bad about that?!

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

It's good the Dr's news was good!
And congrats on the book signing! I think it is a profound moment when you stop and think "Im attending my own book signing" How many people can say that? I wish I could!

��Radio Mihalis Thalassis - Athens Greece said...

Good morning, Always, Michael

myonlyphoto said...

Sandi what a nice photo of you. I can see you like pink, lol. Excellent choice. Congrats on your book. And you two - no more heat! Hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)

CatHerder said...

WOW....gorgeous tomatoes..this is the first year ive grown them in a long time....awesome!

CatHerder said...

WOW....gorgeous tomatoes..this is the first year ive grown them in a long time....awesome!

Anonymous said...

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