Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the flu has gone all Egypt on my ass

I'm sick.  Funny, I got the flu shot when everyone was haranguing me over its benefits.  Yet, here I am.  Temp this morning 101.  Better than the last three days orf 103, but still.  I'm sick.  Mac spent a night in the hospital for rapid (excess of 180) heartbeat again.  We spent two full days and a night there with the sick and afflicted all around us.  He took his flu shot, too.  He's not sick.  Yet.  However our son Wallace and I are.  Sick that is.  We have Mac mostly straightened out and on blood thinners (he's doing lovenox right now, or at least I give him the injections twice a day for a week.  I crawl off my death bed and warn him I'm to weak to chase him down.  He hates needles.  He sees I'm sick.  He behaves. 

I'm sick.  I'm sure I got it at the hospital and wonder to whom I would complain about it.  It appears I have no recourse but to lie on the couch and attempt to recover.  Today is not as bad as Friday was.  Friday night was awful.  I spent more time in the bathroom than in bed for two days.   I did everything at a crawl.  Still do.  It's taken me 2 hours to write this. 

Yes, the flu has gone all Egypt on my ass, I'll be glad when the revolution is over.